Nicki Minaj by OPI Swatches and Review

Pink Friday 3 coats is a bubblegum pink creme.  I think 2 coats would be opaque but due to my ridges I did 3.  With 1 coat of Super Bass Shatter.

Did It To 'Em 3 coats is a dirty yellowish lime green creme.  For the Shatter I thought I would do a fun french manicure with it but I did a bad job freehanding it so it's a bit blah. 

Metallic 4 Life 3 coats is a sheer black base with small square and larger hex glitters.

Save Me 2 coats alone and 1 coat over Fly.  Blue holographic bar glitter with small silver glitter in a clear base.  This is my first bar glitter polish and I have to say it was surprisingly easy to apply.  I had a few nails that I had to push back some bar glitter back on but other than that it was a piece of cake.  No crazy bar glitters sticking up lol.

Fly 2 coats is a blue turquoise-ish creme. 

Here is Super Bass Shatter alone.  One of the more interesting Shatters as it has a very pretty pink shimmer to it.

The formula on these were great, they applied perfectly.  If you do get Save Me just take care of where the bar glitters land.  My favorite is Fly, such a gorgeous color. 

This collection is limited edition so get them while you still can.  You can go to to see where.

Sent to me for review.