Should I just call these Random Fridays?! (Franken news too)

Happy Friday!  First things first, I updated my shop.  What is left of the holiday set is now on sale, and you can now buy single bottles of what I can make at the moment.  So check out the shop HERE.

Let's start with gum.  Olivia got this for me when I was out of commission during a mall shopping trip in Vegas.

This was my clear Shellac manicure.  It didn't last as long as I thought, maybe 3 days?  Well I think it could last a while but some of my nails started lifting at the edge and that drives me crazy.

I debated about not posting this one lol.  This meal is a favorite of mine, so fast and easy.  It's fermented soybeans (natto) with a raw egg over rice lol.  DON'T JUDGE ME!

 My boss always brings me omiyage from Japan.  This year he gave me a bunch of caramels from different regions.  I forgot to take pics of all the boxes but they were cute. My favorite was the kind from Hokkaido and there was another box that had red bean flavor, so good!

He also got me pink bow fringe holder!

Chicken sandwich from Costco, its plain as can be so you have to spruce it up.  I add avocado, mayo and red leaf lettuce.

 This is my first Shellac color, in Asphalt.  This is day 2. I forgot to take fresh pics.

 Day 7.  On day 3, my index finger just peels off! I was pretty mad lol.  But I had to see if the others would last. So I went with 9 fingers Shellac'd and 1 naked for 4 more days like a trooper.

Day 7.  Tipwear of course but all in all pretty intact.


Day 7 my right hand. Lol I did a terrible job it's all crooked! 

So Shellac lasts a while, I abused my nails a lot and they took quite a beating (tons of handwashing too).  I could've gone longer but I removed at the end of day 7 because lets face it, you get bored of dark grey nails after a week.  I do like it especially those times when you know you can't change your mani for a while.  I should've layered one of my glitters over this, derp.

Removal was easy!  
The texture of the gel after soaking is weird, it's like a firm jello and comes off easily.

I went to Rite Aid a couple days ago and they had a ton of 75% off items in the store.  The top row + the nail stickers were all 75% off. They were like .99 - $1.75 or so each, not bad!  I hit the jackpot when I saw 1 lonely bottle of Whimsical sitting there.  I did a double-take and snatched that up!  I couldn't believe that was there.  Revlon is BOGO1/2  this week so I got Popular and been dying to try the lip butters so got a couple of them too. 

Have a great weekend!