nubar Jellybeans Collection Swatches and Review

nubar's spring collection this year is called Jellybeans.

Blue Raspberry 3 coats is a light turquoise creme.  It is very sheer, you can see some streakiness and VNL up close but in person you really can't see that at all.  Very slow to dry.

Grape 3 coats is a medium purple creme.

Strawberry 3 coats is a link pink creme.  I like the soft and squishy look of this color.

Toasted Marshmallow 2 coats is a brown caramel creme.  The formula was thin but was opaque at 2 coats surprisingly.

Kiwi 3 coats is a light minty green.  I have high ridges on a couple of my fingers and sheer polishes like this one do not play well with them.  The color is pretty, which is why I wore a full manicure with this.  The biggest problem was that it never dried.  I topped this off with Seche Vite like usual and 24 hours later it was still soft and dentable.  I was able to just scrape it off with a nail it was so soft.  Bummer.

Blueberry 3 coats is a medium vibrant blue creme.  My nail line was very visible wearing this color, but I kinda liked it that way.

Cherry 2 coats is a bright orange-red creme.  Very smooth and opaque at 2 coats.

Lemon 3 coats is a bright yellow creme.  For a yellow I thought it applied nicely.  It is thin but not too thin, just apply your coats slowly.

I really liked the colors in this collection, they were nice and bright.  The formula was very hit and miss.  The only one I really liked was Cherry.  The others were thin, the worst offender for me being Kiwi seeing as it never even dried.  You can work with it if you have some patience with them with nice slow coats.

My favorite colors were Cherry, Strawberry and Grape.

You can get these now at nubar's website.

Sent to me for review.