Zoya Fleck Effect Review and Swatches + Video

Now onto the Fleck Effects!  3 flakie glitters in a lightly tinted base.

Opal, 3 coats.  On the bare nail swatches I did a generous 3rd coat to help you see it better.  Opal is in a green base with green flakies.

 1 coat of Opal over black.

 Chloe, 3 coats.  I even liked this one on my bare nails because the pink is flattering.  I could totally see an interesting french mani with it too!

 1 coat of Chloe over black. Here you can see the different flakies, I like that there are multiple colors.

 Maisie, 3 coats.  I don't mind this one over my bare nails either.

 1 coat of Maisie over black.  While this is in a blue tinted base, over black this is pretty much identical to Opal with its green flakies.

A short video of me applying these.  Here is a direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1_2P2fs4rU

The formula is good, it's thick but not overly thick and goopy.  There isn't a need to manipulate the glitter, and I actually like to do a thick coat over black instead of 2 thin coats. My favorite is Chloe. :)

You can get this now at Zoya's website.

Sent to me for review.