Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday, I am on vacation so I'm enjoying my time off.  I'll be heading to Las Vegas for the weekend so won't hear much from me for a few days.  I will be back to work on the polishes when I get back tho! 

I'm wearing a red creme polish by Lancome for the weekend, I put it over a Shellac base/top coat and I hope it lasts chip-free.  We shall see, I will let you know the results!

I'll leave you with some random notds and whatever else I could find lol. 

 Cyber Monday shopping: Cult nails glass file and topcoat.

 Testing my new cookies and cream.  What do you think?  It's lumpy lol.

 Fruit tart I found at the grocery that looked so good!  well it WAS good lol.

 Ross loots.

Hmm I tried my first jelly sandwich with a I Hate Pink prototype and one of those Revlon jellies from the summer.  WHAT HAPPENED?!?!

 I check my Icing a lot for this and never found it.  Then one day I go in and decide to get all crazy and dig at the very back of the shelves, and guess what I found? 1 bottle. It totally looked like someone hid it, hah jokes on you can't hide from meeeeee!

 I mean look at this Wii mote, how cool is that?  Gold? Check.  Tri-force? Check.  How many hours lost on the couch? secret.
 Why doesn't CC label their Ross bottles? Fuuuuuuu!

 Croquettes are yummy.

 I made this with Costco food. Well except the avocado.  Cell phone pic.

I got $OPI 212 for my birthday last year, a long lemming gone!  Thank you Olivia! Oh and Eric.