Super fast preview

I literally have 5 mins to type this blog post, get dressed, powder my face and go out the door!  Lets see if I can do it.

L-R: Sneeze Breeze, Lucy's Jingle Jangle, Sea Creature and an unnamed pink.

I need to finalize a price, cut and write out labels and I think I'm good to go.  So hopefully I can start the sale tomorrow or Thursday.  I will have specifics for you either later tonight or tomorrow.

I stayed up a bit later last night to give you a preview video, I didn't have much time to edit so please excuse the long silence.

Talk to you guys soon!  Any questions you have ask me in Twitter I will have my phone with me tonight.  @thehungryasian


  1. they just kept getting better with each coat! They are so gorgeous!

  2. Wow! I especially like the xmas one!

  3. Ooo I like those! Definitely going to try and get my hands on some!

  4. Love each and every one of them! So sad that you can't ship internationally this time... but I'm looking forward to your first Etsy sale. :)
    Carla (had to log in with my Google account)

  5. very attractive.I like the glitter!

  6. After first coat they didn't look promising to me but after two or three they look amazing and they have some sort of depth in it but I would still layer them because I'm just not ready to spent an hour to remove them ;)
    Well Sneeze Breeze and I hate Pink (I find this name fun and I think you should really name it like this) are my favorite but unfortunately you don't ship in Eu so your video is all I have :)

  7. They are just delicious. Can't wait till they're available. Love my Jingle Jangle! Just please save me a set because I always forget & miss them!


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