Sale starts Thursday, December 8th

I can't believe it's almost time for the sale to start!  I am so excited I wish I had more shades available but don't worry I'm just getting started there is tons more to come.

I hope I cover everything, if I forget something please feel free to ask me in a comment or via Twitter.

These 4 shades will be sold in a set.  The price is $34.00 and does not include shipping.  I am going legit with my shipping so they will ship ground via UPS.  I checked various states for 1 set the shipping was around $7.

I can't deal with the legalities for shipping internationally at the moment so I'm sorry but US only.  I also can't ship to Alaska or  Hawaii, sorry! 

Everything is brand new.  The bottles, ball bearings, brushes, polish base, and glitter, all brand new.  The polish base and any color polish I may include is cruelty-free and big 3 free.  All pigments or glitters I use is cosmetics-grade and completely safe to wear.

Why the price increase? Well going large scale with this the amount of labor involved has gone up significantly.  I have had many late nights the past couple of weeks.   A lot of time and love is spent on making everything perfect :)

I will start taking orders tomorrow (thursday dec 8th) around 1-2 PM pacific (-8gmt).    I will have a google form in a new post on my blog tomorrow.  So to order you need to fill the form out with your full name, paypal email address and shipping address (for shipping calculation).  I really wanted to make PayPal buy now buttons but shipping isn't a set price anymore so I have no way to calculate shipping.  Maybe I will figure something out later lol.

I will post again with some swatches.  In the meantime please ask me any questions if I didn't answer one you have.

Thank you!


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