Incocco Nail Polish Applique Review

This design is called All That Glitters, it's a pink glitter with a black print design on top.  Incoco says that their nail strips are made with real nail polish, and each strip contains base coat, nail color and a topcoat.

To apply you find a piece that fits your nail then peel it off like a sticker then you remove the clear plastic on the top as well.  Then you just place it on your nail and smooth it down and make sure the applique is adhering to your nail.  Then file off the excess from the tip.

Filing off the excess wasn't as easy as it looked, since it had a glitter base it was a bit thick so I was filing and took off more than I wanted to.  Later this proves to be a problem.

I did much better on my right hand.

Next time I am going to file it at an angle away so that I don't file off too much off my free edge.

This is 3 days of wear.  My tips shrank a bit after the first 24 hours and the corners kept snagging onto my clothing or towels after washing my hands.  So what you see on my middle and index fingers is not that it isn't sticking on my nails it's just the snagging kept pulling it up.

Just seeing that much of my nails poking out of the tips drove me crazy so right after this photo I removed this manicure.

The design is very cool, it wasn't very difficult to apply.  I found that they fit my small nails just fine, each strip has 2 ends that are different sizes.  Shrinking from the free edge is ultimately what I disliked about these nail strips.  I have another set I need to try and perhaps redeem my first poor application.  Even if you don't apply them nicely I think these are great for a night out and such, they have a lot of really neat designs.  These nail strips are very popular right now, you can get these at drugstores like Walgreens, CVS, etc or even online directly from Incoco or  Amazon for $5-9.

Sent to me for review.