I have been swatching polishes but haven't been wearing anything for over a month now.  I am still buying them too!  My untrieds drawer is getting full so I better get to work.

So in frankenpolish news, I made a huge glitter order and I am in the process of testing them out.  So far only 2 melted and the rest are fantastic!  I am excited to show you the new frankens!  I have gotten a lot of requests for Sneeze Breeze to come back so I will try to make a bunch of those.

About the next sale, I do not like my current setup I have for selling.  I've had problems with the Pay Pal buttons in the past and I know that it sucks when you wanna order fast but it's sold out.  So I am considering switching over to Etsy, but I'd like your feedback first.  Thanks so much!

I got my first Helmer as a birthday present and it's full already! Yikes.  Well at least my Melmers are now free for my franken supplies that have been scattered about on our dining table.  I'm still trying to get organized and getting ready to crank out the new glitters.  I don't know when they will be ready but I will give you guys notice waaaaay in advance!

So I can't leave this post without pictures so here is what I could find:

 I got this pack from Tj Maxx for $10!

 Rite Aid Haul

These are pretty but I found out they are really sheer!

 2 coats, too bad I have prominent ridges otherwise I could've gotten away with the 2 coats lol.

 Layered over the peach shade.

 My new flash drive!