Frankenpolish update!

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to thank you all for your kind and supporting words just in general about my frankens.  You are all so sweet!  I am so touched by all the nice things you guys have said in emails, comments and twitter.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you! ♥

I did get to see what the most popular colors were, I was quite surprised because a couple that I thought would fly off the shelf didn't sell at all lol.  Go figure.

The next shipment of bottles will be here at the end of the week so I will be making more starting next week.  My sweet mother in law got me new glitter colors so I'm excited to make some new glitter combos!  I am going to be very busy now during the week so I will only have time to work on frankens during the weekend, so this next batch of polishes may take a while, perhaps a month.  I will keep you guys updated.

Also, thank you to everyone who ordered, and also for ordering the charity sets!  I have plenty more sets available so I will keep donating.  So far this sale we've earned another $150 (updated!) for Red Cross Japan.

Below is what is still available for sale, my next will be another month or so after I get my bottles.  I am so behind on comments I apologize.  I will try my best to answer any questions in this post if you have any :)

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Super Happy Funtime Nails
3 coats.  This is the modified version with less orange more pink.  I think it is now a more balanced out coral color.  It has a great golden shimmer!

Ruby Flats
2 coats for both swatches.  This is a totally original name, what are you talking about?!  Blood red superfine glitter and small black hex glitter in a clear base. 


Charity Sets $15:
All proceeds go to Red Cross Japan, thank you for your support!
These are 5ml (.17 oz) mini bottles

Trio with Glam

Trio with Super Happy Funtime Nails
Sold Out

Trio with Glitterverse

Trio with Bad Manner

Trio with Watermelon