Orange franken and ramblings

I'm wearing 2 coats with a franken glitter accent nail. This is very sheer and shows VNL but I love the color so I didn't care lol.  It helped that I didn't have much nail line to show.  Since this photo I have altered my recipe a tiny bit and added a little more a pink to it.  I will show a swatch of the updated version of course on my sale post.

I am done making my frankens, my big hurdle at the moment is naming them.  It's so hard to find names that I like!  Who would have thought my big snag would be names?  I have a lot of purples so I hope you guys like purple!  I have over 30 shades and 24 of them are brand new.  I did try to anticipate what the popular colors would be and made multiples of those.  I hope I guessed correctly lol.

I have more charity sets, this time unfortunately you will have to pay for your own shipping.  The price is still the same at $15 for the 3 piece set.  100% of these mini sets will again go to Japanese Red Cross.  You will have several choices on the set colors so I hope you can find one that you like. 

Hmm lets see what else..  I got the mini bottles again from TKB Trading, my .5 oz bottles from VNS.  Also I did try the glitter suspension base from TKB for most of my glitter ones this time.  It is much thicker than I am used to so please note that the glitters are on the thicker side.

Big thanks to Kitty and Sarah for your suggestion about TKB Trading and to aaminahs mom (thats her comment name) for your suggestion about VNS bottles.  Both of these places have great CS and TKB is new to me but VNS I have ordered from in the past and would definitely recommend both stores. The first set of bottles I got from TKB came broken and they instantly replaced them and packed everything nicely.  VNS super fast and doesn't overcharge you for shipping and  I was so shocked how well they packaged my bottles.  I'm not affiliated or anything with either place, just a happy customer.

If you have any questions before the sale feel free to leave a comment or send me an email