Bottle pics! (Edited with shipping rates)

Had some requests to show bottle pics before the sale, so here they are!  I didn't post some of the ones I've shown you before (like Strawberry, Sneeze Breeze, etc).  I left the photos fairly large so click to see in more detail. 

EDIT: Had a lot of questions about shipping so let me tell you what the rates are.

US First Class $3.00: Up to 4 full size bottles, or 3 full size + 1 mini set.
US Priority small flat rate box $5.25:  up to 6 full sized bottles, or 5 full sized + mini set.  Can try to fit 7 if you really need it :)
US Priority $11.00: Anything over 6 bottles can go in this medium flat rate box.

International Priority $14.00 ($12 Canada/Mexico):
6 full sized bottles, or 5 full sized + mini set.  If you really really want me to jam 7 in there it may be possible but there is a chance something might break!  That is the max you can order for international, unless you want to pay medium flat rate which I think is astronomically high.


 We Caught The Purp


 Easy To Love

 Second Chance

 Fancy Pants

 Layer Me



 Super Happy Funtime Nails

 Who Gave You This Black Eye?

 Psionic Storm

 Peaches and Green

 Magic Potion

 Seeing Stars


 Ruby Flats


All You Can Eat