An update and the next sale

Hi guys, ever since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan I just haven't been painting my nails.  It just seemed so pointless and unimportant.  I did finally paint them red last week for a family dinner, and I had a great time.

I know some of you have been asking if I have family in Japan.  All my relatives do live there but I don't know them at all I've been living in the States for most of my life.  It's complicated.  I also have no way of contacting them, while I am fluent in Japanese I cannot read it so the address book my father left me is useless at the moment.  I will try to have someone read it for me.  The one person who I do know and has kept in touch is my grandmother, but I can't get in contact with her.  The phone number I have is now a wrong number.  I'm at a loss to what to do, but I will figure something out.

So about the next sale, I ordered some mini bottles from TKB trading and I will be selling 3-piece mini sets of my most requested shades.  100% of this I will donating to charity, most likely the Japanese Red Cross.  After those are gone I will be back to selling full sized .5 oz bottles and will continue to donate a portion of the proceeds.

The mini bottle trio sale will be posted this Wednesday March 30th at 5 P.M. Pacific and will include Strawberry, Twenty Ten and Cookies and Cream.  The bottles are a bit smaller than standard mini size at 5 ml or .17 oz. 

I will be trying a paypal checkout cart this time I hope it works.  Hope to see you back here on Wednesday evening :)