The Frankenpolish Sale! (Time to order)


I will be reading emails in the order I receive them.  Please send your emails with the subject: Polish Order to I won't take your order unless you send your email there, no exceptions!  If you order more than 4 polishes (up to 7 or so? I will let you know) you must get Priority Shipping (small flat rate box @ $5.20).  United States orders only this time, sorry.  Here is the email instructions:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your Pay Pal email address (Please make sure your paypal mailing address is correct I am not responsible for packages sent to an old address!)
  3. The names of the polishes you wish to purchase (only 1 each per shade please).  I cannot send you an order with multiple quantities of 1 color because I would like to give as many people as possible an opportunity to get a polish.  Most polishes I will only have 2 of, some shades I will only have 1! Please be kind and share the love this is a very small batch :D
  4. Custom orders: I will only take 3 custom orders this time.   If you would like to add a custom polish to your order please describe what you envision for it.  What kind of finish is it?  Is there glitter?  What colors do you see in it? Or you could leave the details up to me if you are brave enough :)  I cannot guarantee any custom orders it really depends on what you want and what supplies I have.  I will email you back to work out the details of your custom order if I can make it.  Otherwise I will just invoice you for your normal order. Only 1 custom order per person please.  It may take up to 5 days to make a custom polish so it will delay your entire order until the custom is ready.

I will try to keep this page updated with the available quantities but I won't be able to invoice you until after 9PM pacific tonight.  So if you go to bed before then I'm sorry in advance :)

Happy shopping! Polish name is in BOLD

Click to enlarge bottle pics

Back to Twenty Ten $4.75 SOLD OUT - Red, holographic and pale blue glitter in a cosmic black jelly base.  Starry starry who? >;)  2 coats shown here with topcoat.

Olive Me $3.75 (1 available) - This is a frosty, light olive green.  It has a silvery shimmer.  2 coats shown with topcoat.

Lucky Ducky $4.75 (1 available) SOLD OUT - If nails could drink green beer this would be it! A perfect St. Patty's Day polish, a blackened clover green with superfine lime green glitter.  2 coats shown with topcoat.

Strawberry $5.00 (1 Available) SOLD OUT- Try not to eat your fingers while you wear this red jelly with fine black glitter.  2 coats shown with topcoat.

Alicia $4.75 (1 available) SOLD OUT- Superfine royal purple glitter with small and square silver holographic glitter in a clear base.  French manicure gradient shown with 2 coats and topcoat.

Cold As Steel  $4.00 (1 available) SOLD OUT A shimmery darkened blueish gunmetal grey.

Cookies and Cream  $4.75 (2 available) SOLD OUT One of my most requested frankens!  A creamy white with fine black glitter.  Let's go get ice cream!  2 coats shown with topcoat.

Fender Bender $5.00 (1 available)  SOLD OUT How is this related to a car wreck you ask?  This was supposed to be a green glitter and I thought it was a dud so I threw a bunch of stuff in and pow!  Complete accident turned awesome, maybe I should have named it Penicillin.  Superfine lime green, bright blue, yellow and fuchsia glitter in a clear base.  This one packs a punch and only requires 1 coat as shown.

Twenty Eleven $4.75 (1 available) - SOLD OUT It is a new year after all and this is my current years masterpiece.  My only regret is I don't have a bottle of this, har har.  This is kind of a dirty mauve with a purple shimmer.  Oh that's not all, don't forget the superfine purple glitter and fine red glitter floating within!  2 coats shown with topcoat.

Steph $4.75 (1 available) - SOLD OUT Named after my good friend Steph she inspired this one with a beautiful bracelet she created.  These colors remind me of warmer weather and cherry blossoms.  Superfine limegreen glitter, small and large pink hex glitter with a sprinkle of blue/green glitter.

This is meant to be a layering topcoat, but can be worn alone like shown above 2 coats with topcoat.  On the nail wheel is 1 coat over black creme.

NYFW '11 $5.00 (1 available) - SOLD OUT I made a franken during nyfw last year so let's keep the annual traditions rolling with this glitterbomb.  Superfine slate blue, navy blue and merlot glitter with silver holographic hex glitter in a clear base.  2 coats shown with a topcoat sandwich.

Jet, Schmet $4.75 SOLD OUT - Blackened holographic with a maroon undertone.  Shown on the nail wheel is 1 coat but this will require at least 2 for opacity.

Sneeze Breeze $4.75 (1 available) - SOLD OUT Booger blasters rejoice, it's back!  Fine bright blue and black glitter in a clear base.  2 coats shown while wet with no topcoat (will definitely require topcoat!).

Tealdrop $4.50 (1 available) - Shimmery teal with sparse superfine salmon glitter.  2 coats shown no topcoat.

Everything Tastes Better With Bacon $ 4.75 (1 available ) - SOLD OUT Brooke from Getcha Nails Did inspired this color and I hope you like the name girl!  Dark shimmery blue with sparse fine red glitter.  The red glitter effect is very subtle on the nail.  2 coats shown with topcoat.

Please try a topcoat sandwich with my glitters to save you hassle.  Apply all coats of glitter, then apply your quickdry topcoat like normal.  Wait for everything to dry, then apply a normal slower drying clearcoat and immediately apply your quickdry topcoat on top again. 

Yay you made it to the end, thank you all for enjoying my frankens with me.  I hope in the near future that shopping will be much easier and accessible for everyone (international and non-Pay Pal users).