3 Piece Mini Set Sale SOLD OUT

EDIT: I'm all sold out this time, thank you again everyone for your support! I have more bottles on the way already so I will be doing this again soon.

Strawberry, Cookies and Cream and Twenty Ten.  This batch of Twenty Ten is a little too opaque, I did go back and try to jelly it up a bit and add more glitter but it was difficult since they were already in the mini bottles.  It is still pretty but it lacks the squishy look.  There is nothing I can do about it now since I'm out of bottles so I am very sorry in advance I know what not to do in the future.

Here is a size comparison, these bottles are right inbetween the OPI minis and the Orly minis.  If you click the picture you can see the sizes.

(The free shipping deal was for these sets only, sorry!)
This set is $15.00 for anyone in the world, shipping is on me.  I know in my post yesterday I said $12 but I changed my mind to make it 15.  I hope I set up my button correctly, if it charges you more I will send the difference back.  I will be donating all the proceeds to Red Cross Japan.   I didn't get enough bottles so my first donation will be small but I will be ordering a lot of bottles this week so hopefully we can raise even more money next time.

Thank you so much for supporting a good cause!