Hello Kitty Fauxnad

I was contacted by Born Pretty, they are an online store that sell nail art products.  They sent me a fauxnad set with 12 plates, stamp and metal scraper.

 One of the plates (M71) has a Hello Kitty on it!  They also sell just the Hello Kitty plate by itself for about $4, pretty good deal.

I painted my nails with Color Club Wish List Red (1 coat!) and 3 coats of a white creme on my ring finger.  I didn't use the rubber stamper that came with this but I did use the metal scraper which worked great.

I had go and fill in HK's ear with black acrylic paint because it didn't stamp but you can barely tell :)  Since I had the paints out I went ahead and filled in her eyes, painted her bow red and her nose yellow.

 I meant to paint 1 nail white but I went on auto pilot and painted them all red.  I think the black on red looks cute too.  I might try to paint this one later just to see how it looks.

This is HK dressed as a panda, and the cutest part is her hoodie comes off!  It's hard to see her panda ears in this shot tho =x

Yes, I bought Hard Candy Beetle I couldn't resist it!  You can see the evidence on my middle finger haha.

If you want to check out the Born Pretty store, click HERE.

These products were sent to me for review.