Barielle at Ulta

Good morning!  I'm up super early to watch some Starcraft 2 live in Korea, it's down to the semi finals so it's getting really good!

So anyway today I have some more Barielle shades to show you.  They are selling 16 of their other colors at for $6.00 each.  Check em out:

U Concrete Me 2 coats.  A grey creme.

Slate of Affairs 2 coats.  A cornflower blue with a light blue shimmer.

Sailor's Delight 2 coats with Seche Vite topcoat.  Light pink creme, it is a little more dark and dusty in person and it gave me lobster hands.  Nothing wrong with the color (very pretty) but didn't go with my skintone.

So I haven't stamped in a while and it shows lol!  Konad plate m71. Fail fail fail!

Grape Escape 2 coats.  A medium purple creme, very lovely.

Out-grey-geous 3 coats.  A blue-grey metallic with a golden shimmer.  I thought of Color Club Snakeskin but side by side they were very different.  Snakeskin was a dark gunmetal grey and this a more pale blue grey.

Decadence 2 coats.  Teal shimmer.

Expressive 2 coats.  A pretty lilac creme.

Lust 3 coats.  A blood red creme.  Well sort of, it is a little sheer and slightly jelly-like finish.  Kind of like Nubar Sateen.

Ecstacy 2 coats.  A bright tomato red creme. 

Flirtini 2 coats.  A berry creme.

Euphoric 3 coats.  Coral creme. Mmm looks like smoked salmon!

Berry Blue 2 coats.  Royal navy creme.

Coco Bar 3 coats.  A dark brown creme.  Chocolate anyone? 

Misbehaving Mistress 2 coats.  Taupe with a frosty silver shimmer.  I dislike frosts and this is no exception but I will admit the silvery shimmer is at least interesting to me with the brown.

Belly Dance 2 coats.  Barielle describes it as a nude taupe with shimmer.  This one is a little darker in person.

Pink Sherbert 3 coats.  This is a light peach with a fuchsia shimmer.  This shimmer makes this color pop I really liked this one.

My only gripe is their new bottles have a stiffer brush and had to be careful of making marks in my previous coats.  Other than that they all had a great formula, the frosty ones you have to watch out for brushstrokes but that's about it. 

So there you have it, you can get these shades for less than retail at for $6.00 each.

These were sent to me to review.