Club Nintendo Rewards Has New Items!

I have been hoarding my club nintendo points for 2 years because they never have anything remotely cool.  Remember last year I got a Mario hat?  That was a platinum reward for redeeming a certain amount of points.  I used to eye club nintendo japan because they got all the neat stuff, so anyway I decided to see what this year's platinum reward was when I saw they had new items!

I immediately bought this lol:

It's a pink Animal Crossing fan!  I really wanted the Mario one but it was SOLD OUT! Grrrrr

The 3 fans below are all sold out, when they restock I want the Mario one.  They also have super cute pins, I'd get that too but I have nowhere to put it.

This one is cute too, when I see the squid all I can think of is dying repeatedly to those in the ridiculously annoying water levels lol.  The case color is awesome.

I only have enough points left to buy 1 more thing, I'm so torn. What should I get?!