I ♥ Steph!

Steph from DSK Jewelry and I did a swap a few weeks ago you can see her post here.

She sent me a couple of necklaces and some adorable purple bow earrings! Darn my hair for covering up the earrings. I need to dye it dark again badly, my roots are like 2 inches lol.  Since I took this picture I mixed my own blend and dyed it a very dark brown, whew!

I'm wearing a purple crystallized swarovski heart on a heart chain, so pretty!

Since you couldn't see the earrings here is a close up shot.  The bow is so cute!  Is this too zoomed in on my ears? lol =x

Here is the other necklace she sent me, I told her I liked pink, purple and blue so she made one with all 3 colors!  Thank you so much Steph!  I need to take pictures of my lashes now and send you some comparison shots, it's been 6 weeks or so now.

So anyway check out Steph's site to see all her gorgeous pieces. :)

I felt like I did not do Untamed Luxury any justice in my review so I took a stab at taking a better photo of it.   It's so weird VNL photographs but in person you can't see it. 

I cut my nails short so I haven't been taking any pictures!  I have some long due reviews I need to type out so that should buy me time while the nails grow out.  Have a great day!