Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday

3 coats no topcoat.  I didn't wait long enough between coats so some spots are kind of gloopy and uneven.   Personally I think I like this better layered.  This is such a unique and colorful glitter, there's big hex glitter in silver, yellow, green, pink, orange and blue.  Then small square glitters too!

I was wearing my cookies and cream franken so why not throw in Happy Birthday glitter to the mix?  Well it overwhelmed my "cookies" part but it looks so cool!  A party in a bottle indeed lol.  I want to try this layered in a french mani.

Man I hate Blogger if my pictures aren't a certain ratio I can't choose the extra large picture option and it squishes it up.  So you'll have to click to enlarge this one, sorry!

This was sent to me to review.