Some Hello Kitty Stuff

My boss went to Japan for a few weeks, and I asked him if he would buy me some LE Kit Kats.  I'm so dying to eat some of those!  Well he came home and said he couldn't find any so he got me some HK stuff!  I believe he went to the store in Sapporo.

Big smile indeed!

A cute mirror with a comb inside.

An adorable tiny cup!  The lady in the store said this is a new design over there, all I know is it's super duper cute!

Seaweed that has HK punchouts, so you can decorate a bento box or some onigiri (riceballs) sooooo cute!
The guy that runs Hello Kitty Hell is probably feeling queasy right now and doesn't know why.

Each sheet has 4 faces, and little accents like hearts and apples.  They were so cute it was hard to eat these but oh well Hello Kitty and friends met their demise eventually.  I normally put some umeboshi (pickled plums the are very sour and salty) in my onigiri but I didn't have any so I put fish inside.

These all dangle from my purse (anyone guess who makes it just by what you see?) and they all have a bell on them so whenever I go anywhere people stare lol.  All you hear is tinkle tinkle.   The tiny coin thingie I've had for probably 20 years, a good family friend would always mail me HK stuff when I was young and I still have most of them.  I also like the HK with the fan she came from China when my friend Allie went on vacation there, TYTY ALLIE!  The black one with the mirror is from the MAC HK collection and a cute bee HK lol.  And the pink monkey was I think from Cortney (thank you thank you!) several years ago.  Click to enlarge if you want for any of the photos :)