Barielle Date Night, Hidden Hideaway and random stuff!

Date Night from the Fall collection in 2008 is a dark metallic green.  It's not brush stroke metallic which is pretty awesome.  I'm wearing 2 coats here with no topcoat.

Sorry about the smudgy bottle, I noticed it just before photos and was gingerly holding it rubbing it up against my sweatshirt when I rubbed my wet index finger on myself!  Smudged bottle instantly forgotten I repainted my index and tended to my sweatshirt haha.

 Hidden Hideaway is from the same collection, it's a dark rich purple with this amazing red and blue shimmer that you can see in these shots.  I'm wearing 2 coats with Seche Vite topcoat.

 I was going out to dinner with the family so I decided to jazz it up with some polka dots on my tips.  I used Milani Lime Shine, which is a pale green metallic.  I also made a video of me doing the polka dots so stay tuned!

I have never matched my outfit with my nails but by sheer coincidence my top matched my nails perfectly that day!  Sorry about the weird picture but you would not believe how I had to hold my camera to get this shot lol.

I need to get some hair accessories so I can cover up my ties/pins!

These were sent to me for review.