Eyeko Rain and Saucy

Eyeko's two newest nail shades are here!

Rain is a slightly blue grey with a gorgeous shimmer.  I love this color!  This is 2 coats with Seche Vite. 

Saucy is super hot red creme.  This is only 1 coat, I forgot to put on a topcoat with this one.   I can't wait to try Konading with this color it is so very opaque!

A quick tip for getting off dark colors and reds (and blues!):  Take your remover soaked cotton or felt and gently apply pressure to your nail for about 5-10 seconds.  Then while firmly pressing pull the cotton down.  This way you aren't rubbing it across your nail and staining your skin, as long as it's not a glitter most of it should come off with 1 swipe.  If not, most of the polish should be softened up so take a clean section of the same cotton/felt and swipe it down again.  It's the same concept as the foil method for glitter but this is to avoid getting that stubborn red stains on your cuticles and skin.  Hope it made sense!

I absolutely adore the packaging, the descriptions are cute and so are the labels!  Both of these polishes were well pigmented and easy to apply. You can get these at Eyeko's website here  for $5.50 each.  They also sell them in sets (although these two are not in the same one).

These were sent to me for review by Eyeko.