The Annoying Orange

 I love the Annoying Orange!  My favorite is the video below.  After painting my nails with Orly Crush On You that I got from Eric and Olivia, I decided I would try some nail art.  It's been way too long since I've done nail art like this!

 I used 4 coats of Crush on You and acrylic paint to paint the annoying orange's face.  He's making the face right after Wasabi gets scooped up by the chopsticks lol.

What happens when you are opening presents in a drunken stupor?  You have no idea where the camera is and look anywhere at random.  Thanks Cortney for all the makeup!

To Eric and Olivia:  I test drove the ramekins and the torch and it works!  It was delicious indeed.  I didn't do the sugar yet in this pic tho.  Even Jazzy said it was good.