Thumb mishaps

I broke this below the quick last week.  It grew out enough to trim it all down but it feels very uncomfortable still.

I used a Nailene nail to cover up my break, I had to file it to shape but fit all right (full review of the nails yet to come!).

 My thumb turned out blurry but you can't even tell I broke a nail and put on a fake one! 

So the next day my left thumb started to throb and it felt really hot all of a sudden, it was like that all day.  I noticed it kept getting worse as I was doing my Vampira Polish comparison.  So I took off my polish and saw I had a tear on my other thumb too!

Kind of hard to see but it's there.  I patched it up hope I don't snag it on anything before it can grow out.  Bad luck thumbs!