Franken and Stuff

I haven't named this yet but I made this a while back and stamped with it before.  It's a burgundy shade with golden shimmer.  The best part is the shimmer actually shows up on the nail after applying!

I stamped this with DS Original, and Thirszha from Fab Ur Nails inspired me to stamp the design this way.  She does the best stamps I swear!  Check out her blog if you haven't been there.

I didn't like how mine turned out so I sprinkled some funky blackened glitter down the center.

It looks really blah in the pictures but this glitter was pretty awesome, it sparkles orange/gold then changes to green/teal!  It don't know the name of this one but it was made by Art Institute. It came in a little set of different glitters.

All in all it was pretty much a failed experiment.  At least I totally love the franken! :)