Ruby Pumps and Fire Sparkle Comparison

 Edit:  Thanks to everyone for letting me know that I made huge typos in both my photos and text down here.  No more making posts right before bed!  My pictures say Ruby Slippers but it is actually Ruby Pumps by China Glaze.  Sorry for the confusion!

Some of you requested a comparison between China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Nubar Fire Sparkle.

Outdoors, Ruby Pumps is 3 coats no topcoat.  Fire Sparkle is 3 coats, 1 coat SV, 1 coat normal clear coat, and then another coat of SV on top of that.

There is definitely a huge difference between the two, Ruby Pumps is smooth and the base is a nice and red jelly-like finish.  Fire sparkle is mostly dense red and orangeish glitter in a red base.   The glitter is so dense I had to do the SV sandwich to have a smooth surface for this picture.

Indoors flash.  I think they are both very pretty.  The only reason I would grab one over the other is the cleanup, Ruby Pumps wins that one hands down.