Konad m60

I took photos of my base color, Drama in the Dark by Nicole by OPI but I did not realize they were all blurry until I was looking at them after stamping.  Drama in the Dark is a sheer black base with teal and blue microglitter.  I am wearing 3 coats of it and it just looks black under Konad.

I took photos of this mani with 2 different cameras.

I took this photo using my mother in law's 12ish megapixel Canon DSLR on full auto with a macro lens and flash.  My fingers look a little leathery lol sorry.  But hey, my skin looks like.. skin!  I use her camera on a lot of my food shots.

This is my camera, a really old 6 megapixel Kodak point and shoot.  I used macro mode and flash.   Unless you are looking at this photo at 100% (which you cannot since I resize in half or so usually) it doesn't look THAT bad for nails.  I can't really say the same for portraits and stuff.  The more you zoom in the more grainy it gets.  I use this camera for all my nail shots, it has served me well so far!  :)

I put a little rhinestone on each flower, looking back I should have used colored ones!  Oh the stamp polish is China Glaze Millennium, love this for konading.  Have a great weekend.