Happy Friday... With More food!

I wrecked my mani last night making a lightbox so here is some food. I put up a poll on my sidebar at the very top if my new comment system is working out for everyone. If you could answer it for me I would greatly appreciate it! Oh my ruined mani was China Glaze Orange Marmalade ;(

My filet with garlic mushrooms and grilled asparagus. One of our favorite places to eat out now is a local steakhouse and I can never venture away from their delicious filet! So hope you guys don't get sick of steak shots lol.

Alex got his with steak fries. I must have had half of those fries they were tasty! Hey there is a ketchup mid dip action going on in the back there.

My brother in laws rack of lamb.

We skipped dessert at the restaurant and went to Coldstone Creamery instead. I got the founders favorite!

Note to family:
Olivia and Mum, you guys had pictures with your ice creams but I don't know how camera shy you are. Remind me to ask at Cortney's dinner! Speaking of which, where are we going, Cortney?!