Stained nails update

Only one thing has changed since December when I had sickly orange nails: I changed my basecoat! I completely gave up on whitening products, I feel like it's just another way to get me to empty my wallet.

I have been wearing nail polish everyday like usual and gradually my new unstained nails grew in and stayed that way. Now I cannot say for sure that my basecoat was causing the staining, all I know is that I'm not embarrassed to wear a french manicure now lol. I mean just look at this picture. The new photo was taken Monday, March 29.

My new favorite basecoat, Nail Life Gripper. I got this at Sally's for around $5-6. The bottle is huge (1 oz!), dries fast, and for the 3 months I have been using this never had any peeling or chipping issues. I know my average mani only lasts 2-3 days but I have worn several for 4-6 days no problem.

I recently purchased Nailtek Foundation II from TJ Maxx. I have no idea why I got it since I've already found my HG to unstained nails. So once in a while I will apply a coat of Nailtek over Nail Life. I'm wearing a coat of it on this picture above (it looks slightly matte). Other than this everything is the same: 2-3 coats of polish, 1 coat of my favorite TC Seche Vite.

There is a lot missing out of the bottle, I knocked it over the other day and watched in horror as time slowed to a crawl in that moment and I could see and hear the *glug glug glug* as it poured out on my dining table! Good thing it's 1 oz.