Random post with food!

Are you getting sick of frankens yet? To give you a break here is some food!

Bananas Foster

Creme Brulee

Lemon meringue drink with dry ice in it, it was smoking!

I can't remember what I was wearing, oops.

Crab cakes with rice pilaf and squash.

Filet mignon.

I have been craving furikake (seasoning you sprinkle over rice) and I saw some HK ones and well, you know the rest.

I have been dying to try the flavored kit kats so I got the strawberry soda one! The little box on the left is some caramels, I've been craving these for many months!

Have you ever seen this? I never have until just recently, but you assemble the fork and spoon on a toothpick and balance it on a glass. Then you light the toothpick and like magic it still stays on there.