Kudos to Nubar customer service

I was disappointed to see that after taking a picture of my order that my Fire Sparkle was cracked in several places. I sent them an email about it and not even 5 minutes later I got a response saying they would ship another one out right away. About an hour later I received another email saying it was shipped with a tracking number! I have never had a broken bottle issue before but I must say this was probably the best CS I could have ever hoped for in a situation like this. My new bottle is supposed to arrive tomorrow!

I really wanted to wear Fire Sparkle so I did a quick french mani, it is an amazing red glitter! Since the bottle was cracked in 4 places I wrapped it with painter's tape for the time being just in case so that's why I'm gripping the handle.

I used Nailene french manicure stickers (sent to me for review, which I will do another post soon) and applied 2 coats of Fire Sparkle. Then 1 coat of SV.

Some right hand action. I figured out how to post bigger pics without having to use an outside photo uploading source, yay!

Isn't it hard sometimes to know when to stop? I had to konad it and I used plate m71 with CC Where's The Soiree?. Topped it with a coat of SH protein and another coat of SV.

My Rite Aid was a nail polish dreamland last time I went, all of the new Revlons, Borghese, Maybellines and Sally Hansens were in stock! And all the old SH Salons were 75% off! With great willpower I left with this nail treatment and a couple of clearance items :)

Oops I'm rambling now. Thank you Nubar for your fantastic customer service! Now if only you would lower shipping rates (^-^;)