Glittery French Mani

It was hard to pull me away from my painter's tape, but I tried some of these french tip stickers sent to me by Nailene and they worked great! It looks like I placed my stickers up too high but my nailbeds are different shapes and sizes and it looks quite normal once it is finished.

Application of the stickers was much easier than painter's tape, well because obviously they are cut and shaped for this. I like to tape up all 10 fingers before painting. I applied 1 coat on the tips with Color Club Where's The Soiree?. Can you tell by now it's my favorite black?

My only problem with the stickers was it was very sticky. The first time I tried these I used my Gripper basecoat from the previous post, well it's supposed to be sticky so it can hold onto polish. That made it adhere to these stickers better so I lost chunks. I tried Nail Tek foundation II and I still had a spot peel off. I guess I'm not used to the stickiness since I've only used painter's tape.

Once I finished my tips with black I went over them again freehand with my gold holo glitter franken.

I didn't name this yet. Someone want to take a stab at it?

I love adding glitter to french tips. Glitter is so forgiving you can quickly freehand it and not leave obvious mistakes.

I also received some nail decals from Nailene so I blinged up each ring finger. Well blinged up might be a bit exaggerated lol. I like to use tweezers or the pointy part of an orange stick to apply decals.

All finished topped with a coat of Seche Vite.

Right hand love.

The nail decals and french tip guide stickers were sent to me by Nailene.