Some more Coloramas and tiny haul

Glass Slipper, 3 coats with 1 coat of Seche Vite. A little too sheer for my taste but I like the delicate blue color.

Burgundy Blaze, 2 coats 1 coat of SV. My camera did not capture how pretty this is. A raspberry shimmer that is a little darker in person.

Pink Twinkle is a polish I've had untried for over a year. I didn't know what to layer it with! It's golden flakes in a sheer base. It looks pink but on the naked nail it might as well be clear. Maybe over black it will show up? I'm not a fan of this over Burgundy Blaze.

I hit 2 more DT's and yes, that is Molten Metal on the left there. I did a double take then looked for another but that was the only NYC pack they had.

I ended at Sallys because I need another bottle of Seche Vite and grabbed the tub of Mango Mend, but the girl ringing me up told me next month they are selling Mango Mend in tubes! Like the ones in the holiday pack but bigger. She went to the back and sold me this early. It's very very tiny compared to the tub, but I like how it's small enough to stash in my purse. It was around... $3.75 or so with Sallys card. The tub is better price wise but I hate tubs because it's messy and I always get product under my nails! It also feels unsanitary. Well anyway just a FYI for March at Sally Beauty.

I don't have any TV channels so I'll be watching olympics a day or two behind when I can find it for download. I have to stay away from the internet so I don't find out about the women's figure skating lol. I can't wait to watch it aaah!


  1. Great haul and those Coloramas are gorgeous!

  2. Just a question, is there something special about Molten Metal? I keep hearing girls referring to it, but not saying what the buzz was.

  3. Gilded - thank you!

    PerryPie - Hi I think Molten Metal is HTF now. :D

    Pinkginger - Thank you!

  4. Oh, you found Molten Metal - that is SO awesome! Nice job. I love the second Colorama, Burgundy Blaze. And that CG t/c, I've never seen that one! It's really pretty. I wonder what it will look like over black? Those gold flakies sure are pretty.
    I just found two of the California Mango kits today at my Sally's on clearance! It's nice to know that they'll be putting that Mango Mend in a tube, the tub seems like a pretty messy idea, for sure.

  5. Ugh Burgundy Blaze is SO PRETTY. *grabby hands*

  6. Burgundy Blaze is gorgeous on you. I love those shades. I've never used California Mango. Is it very good? I haven't watched all the figure skating but I still ended up seeing results. If I stay away from the news I still catch all the results on the internet. I just can't win.

  7. Ive never tried Mango Mend, wht is it for?

  8. Jackie, mango mend is a cuticle treatment. it says for severe dry skin so I think you can use on your hands too, it smells nice :)


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