Essie Mesmerize

Another mini that came in the set. Mesmerize is a nice blue creme, I'm wearing 2 coats with a coat of SV. It is not quite so dark blue in person.

I decided to try using thread to do some nail art. I was picturing in my mind more clean lines than this but I ended up liking the result. I just tied regular old sewing thread on my index finger and dabbed some China Glaze Millennium on it and pulled it taut and just sort of put it across my nails in different directions. It's really nothing exciting, you could do this with just the nail polish brush lol. I might try something else to make better lines next time, maybe wax dental floss.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ooh, I kinda like the nail art like that :)

  2. Amazing color, I'm a sucker for blue, own many like this already, but I still want it, lol.

    Did you shorten your nails? They look good on any length it seems! :-O

  3. The colour alone is gorgeous - but I am really loving the art - I think I am saving that photo for inspiration!!

  4. A beautiful shade of blue! (And the nail art is quite interesting too!)

  5. Beautiful blue and I love the ringfinger! Great idea for nail-art!

  6. nice color ;) perfect on your nails :)

  7. I think that looks really cool! It's like a paint splatter. :)

  8. I have a royal blue polish that I adore, but it's not quite as nice as this. The nail art looks amazing, I love that you only did it on one nail :)

  9. Totally love this blue! I've just realised I have quite a few untried blue nail polish. But none of them like this one! It's such an interesting idea to use thread to create nail art. I'm terrible at drawing straight lines. Maybe I can use dental floss like you metioned next time :)

  10. Kalmo - Thank you! :)

    Anon - Thanks! :D

    Michéle - Thanks, I really like this shade! I need to expand my blues and greens lol. I did file them down a bit, you have quite the eye! I wish I could go really really short but then they'd bleed aah. I kept stabbing my eyelids trying to take out my contacts!

    Gilded - Thank you! :)

    Delaynee - Thanks! I ended up liking it too haha :)

    Cyan - Thank you :)

    Kirsten - Thank you! ♥

    Denysia - Thank you! :D

    Lily - Thank you ^^*

    Asami - Haha, I thought it kinda looked like a konad image with the random lines kinda splatterish.. er you know which one I'm talking about?
    Silhouette - Thank you so much!

    Jin - Thank you! I am terrible too, I should invest in a striper brush. I do like to try different things tho :D

  11. HI Kae, You have the best looking fingers I have seen on internet hehe :) I don't think my chubby ugly finger nails would carry this colour :)

    Also thank you entering into my competition, Good Luck!!! :)

  12. I NEED THIS COLOUR! looks so pretty on your hands

  13. beautiful blue and I just love the nail art with the sewing thread!

  14. Mesmerize is another one that looks gorgeous on you. You just have beautiful hands and nails. Very elegant looking. My Aunt had hands shaped like yours. Pretty tapered long fingers. I took after my Mom instead of her sister. My hands aren't as tiny as my Mom's, she was 4'11". I'm 5'4" with longer fingers. But not those elegant hands. Damn!


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