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Hi everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend, mine was spent eating mostly. I have a lot of pictures today, starting off with my current mani:

After much debating, I finally chose Onyx Shadows. This is 2 coats with 1 coat of Seche Vite. I don't know if you can see it, but there is depth to this color. I want to touch my nails because it looks textured. I thought I would have to be careful about brushstrokes but this isn't just another metallic gunmetal grey! I took so many pictures lol. This is indoors.


Sunlight. More, more!

The shape of this plastic is interesting. Good idea, but it just doesn't work for painting your own nails. Gosh I would totally spill this on my lap if I tried to hold it with the bottle open like this I think.

So, remember Black Magic from my last post? I shook the poo out of the bottle and slapped on a third coat and bam! The orange glitter was everywhere. Click to enlarge (any picture in fact). So that other mani I posted was user error lol.

Thanksgiving dinner at my in laws. The table looked so awesome!

Dinner was amazing too, forgot to take a picture. I was wearing my hair up using a giraffe chopstick and put on this beaded ring that decorated the apple cider bottle.

My mother in law whipped these out and that label is funny. What do you give your non-special guests?!

5 pies! The 3 on the left are homemade pumpkin, coconut cream and pecan. The other two are from Marie Callendars double cream blueberry and german chocolate pie. Aaaaaah!

Double cream blueberry was delcious. Have a great day!


  1. Wow all that food looks yummy! So many pies *_* Your hair looks super cute like that too!

  2. Yum! Look at all those foods!! Your hair looks cute with that chopstick! Also nice color and interesting shape haha. You make me want to get black magic now >_<

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  4. Oooh, what are the little pinwheels BESIDE the pies? Those look yummy too.
    Your hair looks really pretty! Haha, it was around the cider? It's a perfect hair accessory. The table does look amazing.
    That polish has almost as much depth as the OPI Suedes, I think you did a good job capturing that with your pictures - it's a gorgeous polish!

  5. Oh I love Onyx Shadows! It's a beautiful colour. Will go hunting for it in the city hehe! Your pie photos are making my mouth water. I love blue berry pies!

  6. oh NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. i wish i coulda gone home for turkey day! come to think of it, I have no idea why i didn't. I love gettin' fat (or as I like to call it, BUFF) at the Ruess house. Do you have more pix you can send through e-mail? miss all you guyzzzz

  7. Hi Violet! Oh man I totally stuffed my face bigtime that night. I also had seconds on pie later too lol!

    Nail Fanatic,
    The food was so awesome, I wish I had more leftovers lol. Thank you :) Black magic was worth it for me, it has a fiery glow to it!

    thanks :)

    ooh they were good, I dunno what flavor it was lol but I'm pretty sure my mother in law baked them :)
    Hah yeah some beady ring thingie that you put over the bottle neck to make it look pretty! I hope all your house things are going well so far!

    I love it too aah! I love blueberries, except tthe fresh ones get all stuck up in my teeth lol.

    Evil Angel,
    Thank you! :)

    there was no garlic mash potatoes this year! So at least you didn't miss that lol. Save your belly for ham at Xmas! I have a bunch of tootsie and the fam, I didn't put them up cause i'm not quite sure how they feel about their mug on the internet. I'll email you some after I size em down a little!

  8. The table setting looks lovely. The pies look even yummyier! Your hair looks lovely wiht that piece in it. Gorgeous. I just finished the last of the turkey dinner tonight. I'm sad...

  9. very pretty colour
    and looks like u had a blast on thanksgiving

  10. ohh very pretty color.. as always ur nails are stunning any color polish u put on ur nails...

  11. Those pies are calling my name!! Seriously.

    I bought that special China Glaze polish too, I need to use it and see if it wows me.

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