Holiday Picture Spam

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. I know I ate a ridiculous amount of ham. I put several extra pictures up for my inlaws that were out of town this year. We didn't take a family photo this year, aah! Just to warn you there is a ton of pics!

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Koi pond.

I will show you my new nail polish in another post, but I had to include my Hello Kitty toe socks!

Mum got a HK stamp set.

Eric and Olivia's dog Hans. We went over to check on them after dinner.

Their other dog Taffy.

I think we scared her so many people showed up!

I guess Hans eats when he gets excited lol. It was cute.


Tootsie wishes I was a huge hunk of ham!

We played poker with grandma and grandpa!

I did good at the beginning and had big chip count.

Then I lost it all to mum! Darn you mum!

I wore Lippmann Ruby Slippers for Christmas. I got this holographic topcoat as a present so of course I slapped on 2 coats right away and later that evening I had this crazy tipwear. Note to self: don't ever wear 3 coats of Ruby Slippers, 2 SV, 1 normal clear coat and top it off with 2 coats of a holo topcoat!

I was bending my nails doing everyday stuff so here is my current mani. 3 coats of Essie Pink Diamond (another Xmas gift!).

This is what I'm currently working on, a bunch of frankens.

Happy New Year!


  1. I like the fish and the alligator photos the best.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tom Bailey.

    Did the alligator eat the fish?

  2. is that pineapple on the bird? that first picture makes me huuuungryyy!!!

  3. Lovely pictures! The dogs are adorable! And love your mani's too!

  4. Loungie, I forgot to caption that picture but it's a big ol 19 pound ham lol :)

    Nail Fanatic, Thank you ♥

  5. ooh i would love a koi pond *o* i htink its beautiful heehee

  6. lol The dogs...I can see Duad's jacket is already covered in Toof hair. And that's *after* I furminated her, wuuuuut!

  7. Looks like you had a great time. :)
    Love the manis too!

    Happy New Year!

  8. omg, it looks like a huge turkey! so is there pineapple on the ham? ;-)

  9. Hitomi - Koi are so pretty! :)

    Olivia - yeah taffy shed all over me but she is still nothing compared to ours. She was so funny if we pet hans she got so jealous and came over!

    Solveig - Yeah it was a great day! Thanks, and happy new year to you too :)

    Longie - yah it's pineapple. I dunno why!

  10. I would just like to say, taffy is one ca-razy party animal.

  11. Wow! Your Christmas table looks extra special! Hope you had a good holiday Kae and you are feeling better. You look beautiful in the pictures. Happy New Year! xx

  12. Hi Cortney! Hope you had a fun new years!

    Oh I read this really great tip from the nail board I have no idea who posted it (sorry!) but you know how you sometimes need another coat on top of glitter because it's still grainy? After my first coat of SV dries compmletely, you put on a normal coat of clear topcoat (not a fast dry kind) and immediately put another coat of SV on top of that so there's no crazy tip shrinkage. I tried it and it worked great, haha until I threw on 2 coats of that holo topcoat.

    hi! Hope you had a wonder time as well! Happy new year :D

  13. Love all the pictures of your family. What a beautiful family you have. Looking gorgeous yourself there. Love your manicure but could you lift your hand! The Essie polish is very pretty on you. Happy New Year sweetie!

  14. ohh really nice polish, and I love hello kitty, what a lucky woman !!


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