Revlon Fantasy Lashes

I had Alex pick out which lashes to try first, and he picked Flirty. It is also the kind that you must glue on yourself, which I found out I was terrible at! Oh and speaking of glue, after I broke open the seal I kept trying to squeeze glue out and couldn't do it:

I cut the top of the tube off with scissors and discovered that I had a lump of rubber in there. I guess there must have been a leak in the tube and dried out. I ended up using a different glue from Sugar Cosmetics.

My scary before picture.

Wow I did it! These lashes are pretty dramatic, at least on me. As you can see from the previous picture I have no lashes lol.

I did not learn how to wear eyeliner until I was in my 20's. I still suck at it! I think the lashes make my eyes look a little bigger tho, score!

I don't know how to wear eye shadow.

Pigtails take off 5 years...

I might have to start wearing false eyelashes, these made my eyes pop! I usually wear glasses so on the days I wear contacts. Putting them on was difficult, I messed up twice on my right eye. I think with practice I could learn to do this more quickly. There is another kind that has the strip of glue already on the lashes so all you have to do is put them on. I will show you those in another post soon!

In case you are wondering I am also wearing:
  • DHC Q10 Cream Foundation in Yellow Ocher 02 (♥ Eki)
  • Nars blush in Deep Throat (Why Nars, why??!)
  • Maybelline liquid eyeliner (anyone know a better one for me to try?)
  • Acuvue 2 Colors in Opaque Blue
  • MAC lipstick in Cute-ster
  • MAC Cremesheen Lipglass in Boy Bait


  1. Hubba hubba! Yes you need to invest in a ton of false lashes! Those look amazing on you!

  2. Ooow those look pretty on you! False lashes can be really fun, especially completely changing your look completely from day to day ^_^ I definitely suggest finding a good glue though, the ones that have resealable caps with a little brush inside are the easiest to use.

  3. You are so beautiful, before and after the lashes! I always have so much trouble with them, but I love the end result. I almost always use powder eyeshadow as a liner, applied with a damp angled brush. I don't have as much control over liquid eyeliners, but yours looks very neat and precise.

  4. These look awesome on you! I'm still waiting for my Revlon lashes to get here. I can't wait.

  5. I agree with Mary. Kae, you are stunning and your skin is perfect. Love the pigtail look. So cute. The false lashes look awesome on you.

  6. Kae you look so pretty! The lashes really make a huge difference. I've never worn them. I can't believe you don't wear eye shadow! You have to start wearing it. You know there's many YouTube videos to watch. Your eye liner is excellent. Love your pigtail. Your so adorable!

  7. These false lashes looked amazing on you! I bought a pair from MAC sometime back but was afraid to put them on. I think it looked too long. Wonder if I could trim them? I've also only started to use eyeliner a couple of years back. They make my asian eyes look bigger! :)Agree with Danielle, your skin is perfect.

  8. You're right, these make quite a difference. Your eyes just pop! I usually wear glasses too and save my dramatic looks for contact days:)

  9. You're so cute ^_^ with or without those lashes, but they truly do make your eyes pop

  10. your just gorjuz kae
    the lashes look amazing on you
    and ur eyes look fab

  11. Evil,
    I might try some other brands soon! Thanks :)

    Thank you, I actually own some othe rpairs I never tried just because I suck at it. Yeah I need to invest in some glue, I've never seen one with a brush but I'll check it out! :)

    Aww thank you. Yah I totally understand lol, I guess it's worth it for special occasions and such. I've never used powder as a liner, how is the stay power? I have saggy eyelids whewre my crease acutally overlaps and touches my lashline.. if that makes any sense.

    Thanks! Ooh I bet you will look gorgeous in yours! :)

    Thanks you are such a sweetie, you always make me smile! (^-^*)

    Thank you! Yes I can't believe what a huge difference it made! lol I do watch YT videos sometimes but i swear everyone makes it look easier than it really is, I've tried and look like a scary clown or something. Or a 5 year old that got into moms makeup haha. :)

    Thanks, ooh I've seen the MAC ones and wonder how they last for the price. Trimming them might make the ends of the lashes look kind of.. what to call it, blunt? Yeah eyeliner and the eye makeup is tricky for us! :)

    I like them, I can see myself getting hooked on lashes haha!

    Aww thanks! :)

    Thank you, you're always so kind and sweet ;)

  12. Pigtails! How cute ^_^ I love fake eyelashes. Brings out my eyes so much, yet I rarely wear it. It looks nice on you!

  13. They're so defined and you look great. I admit, your blues eyes scared me at first! XD heehee

    But boy are you cute in the last picture!! At first sight, I thought you showed us a picture when you were 5 yrs old! LOL Love your lip color, btw!

    Follow me?

  14. I love these revlon ones. I like the spikey ones too.

    Nice look and nars deep throat looks gorgeous on you =)



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