A present from Australia

I recently won some polish from Nixxy's blog anniversary contest which arrived earlier this week. She included so many wonderful goodies! I am almost positive you guys all already read her great blog, but just in case you don't you should check it out. She is always witty and entertaining!

A cute little kangaroo too! Other items she included were some BYS makeup, a silver eyeliner, silver glitter mascara, glitter eyeshadow and a lipgloss.

I love lipglosses, and this one shocked me so much! Looks pretty normal, right?

It's lighted! When you unscrew the cap it lights up, how awesome is that? It smells sweet like grapes, I haven't tried this on yet but I will soon.

Thank you Nixxy so much for generously sending me this amazing prize package! I will be trying the polishes this week and show you all the colors more in detail. I can't decide what to try first!


  1. Great prize! The light up lip gloss looks cool :D

  2. What a fabulous package! Light up gloss...I NEED that!

  3. Great package! I've seen a lipgloss like that somewhere too! I think it was by Rimmel, I heard the concept was for touching up your lips at places where it's dark such as clubs, etc.

  4. Congrats on winning the contest Kae! I have a similar lip gloss from an Australian brand called Model Co. It gives off a blinking disco light after you click on a button on the cap. It's great when you need to touch up in dark places!

  5. So glad you like everything :) I have the lip gloss in another colour and it's completely indispensable with the little mirror on the side for quick check-ups.

  6. I reallylike the light up gloss !It's funny !but you had a great package !

  7. Yummy, Caramello Koalas!! I have a lip gloss like that, it's ModelCo too.

  8. I love the sex toy polishes. They crack me up.
    Congrats on the win!

  9. What a beatiful gift...Nixxy's such a sweetie!

    Oh, and I tagged you in my "15 Blogs" post!

  10. Nail Fanatic,
    haha yeah I was so surprised when I saw it!

    Evil Angel,
    I was so shocked to see everything! Haha I tried the lip gloss earlier today it really works :)

    Thanks :) Ooh really? This is my first time seeing it but neat idea. Hey when you ca't find your keys in the dark whip out your lipgloss!

    Thank you, you are such a sweetie :) yeah that light seems like it will be very handy in dark places!

    Thank you again, love it all! ♥

    Claire's Blog,
    Thanks I think it's spiffy! :)

    Haha, I ate those just yesterday, they were indeed tasty. :D

    lol thanks :)

    hi! Thank you :)

    Thanks, she is a darling!
    And thank you for the tag, I will definitely post mine soon! :)

  11. Those are some crazzy ass polishes! Nixxy sent me one of those light up glosses when I won the glitter polishes. That is such an amazing concept. Those Cadbury koala bears are delicous.

  12. The lipgloss is funny! You're lucky!


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