Migi Nail Art Pens

I was contacted by Migi Nail Art to try some of their pens and they sent me 4 shades. A neon green, a pale cream color, a bright pink creme and a shimmery blurple.

Here is some random shapes and lines using the pink and green. The pink was thick and the green was thin. I like the thin consistency of the green better for the pen tip.

Each color unscrews with a brush for painting your whole nail, or you can pull the cap off to use the fine-tipped pen. There a ring that you can screw each polish into to make a longer pen, or you can leave one side unscrewed so you can set the polish down on the table for using the normal nail polish brush.

The pink polish clogged after one use, but this amazing little tool unclogged it! I didn't know what to do at first so I went to their website and found this video. It tells you how to use your pens and what to do when it clogs, very informative!

You just stick in into the pen tip and push it down, and it fixes any clogs.

One of my favorite quick and easy things to do is french tip dots. I used the blurple shimmer and dotted my tips over Essie Great Expectations.

This is the very first thing I did, just some squigglies. Then later it gave me the idea for a Hostess cupcake mani.

I wanted to make the white swirl in the center of the chocolate frosting lol.

You can purchase these pens at their website here. They also have some design ideas with step-by-step instructions. They have a lot of colors to choose from which are sold in 8 piece sets.


  1. These are so cute,I love nail art pens
    And I love the designs you did Kae very

  2. I really like what I see with these Migi Nail Art Pens. They look really cool and fairly simple to use. Some fun designs here Kae. The French Tip one with dots is sweet. Reminds me of a playschool song. There's a dot over here and a dot over there, there's a lot of little dots in the air everywhere it's a dotty kind of day.... :) Ah....

  3. The cupcake manicure is genius! I love it! <3

  4. Cupcake manicure? Yes please! Love it :D

  5. Hi Kae I really like the French tip dots! Nice colour combination and very sweet ;)

  6. Wow, the pens are so cool! I'd probably stuff them all up, though.

  7. Love the French tip dots...I wish Migi would sell those internationally, I 've just ordered a big bunch of nail art polishes from Cherryculture to try and kill that lemming...not sure it'll work though ^^

  8. I really like those! Especially that blurple. I think I'll have to check these out

  9. LOL your random designs are cute. I like the hostess one. You are too cute Kae.

  10. Hi Skye! I like pens too, it makes me lazy haha. Thank you :)

    Thanks! ♥

    lol what a cute little song, you are so darling! The pens are very easy I really do like them for the dots! :)

    Haha thanks! I am craving one of those cupcakes aaaaaah.

    Thank you :)

    Hi! Thank you! ☺

    Thanks :)

    They are pretty nifty :)

    Oooh, can't wait to see those! I like striper brushes a lot too, love them for lines. :)

    I did like the blurple too, it was a little on the sheer side so I painted my nails iwth it and it look really good!

    Hi! Thanks you are so sweet <3 I eat hohos and those cupcakes like no other lol

  11. You did so many amazing looks with those pens. They must be such fun to use. Love all the different looks you did. The dotted French tips are fantastic. I'll be right over for you to do my nails!

  12. All these are so cute! I really like the idea of these pens.

  13. They look so cute!! I love the polka dots and squiggles!!

  14. Hi Lucy! Thanks, yah they are pretty fun! Haha, yes yes come on over (^-^*)

    Sparkling - Thank you! <3

    ~Lisa - Thank you! ♥

  15. Too cute, I wish I could get these in the UK.. although have absolutely no creativity and wouldn't venture much beyond dots. Hell, dots are cute though no?!

  16. wow they are so pretty!! love your nails always! <3 thank you for ordering form my store!! did you order the earring and the mini bow? was that you?? :3 Ive sent the item out today will send you an notification when I get home! :)

  17. Hello Kae!!
    I love all of your nail art:)) They are unique and very artistic!!
    I always love your puppies too~!!

  18. I am beyond impressed with your skills. I love how your blog title has virtually nothing to do with the substance of the blog. I really enjoyed looking at all of your tutorials. Amazing!

  19. Hi Kae

    Your nail art is great!! It looks awesome, I will try my luck at it, I found this other website that sells similar pens to migi's, check it out at www.beautyexpressmall.com

  20. You have very nice nails.


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