China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le & Club Nintendo

I am wearing 3 coats of Secret Peri-Wink-Le with SV. My photos made this look blue, but there's definitely violet in there. Why do cameras hate purple, it's so frustrating! I have been wearing this all week, I love this color.

So I have decided that I don't really like this nail shape on me, it doesn't look bad or anything I guess it's just my personal taste. They have grown quite a bit so I will be going back to square next week. Actually looking at this photo I don't even think I shaped it properly, some of the nails are straight across and some have more rounded corners. Aaaaaah.

This is not nail related, but in July I found out one of the annual Club Nintendo Platinum rewards was going to be a Mario hat, I picked that immediately and have been waiting months for them to ship it to me. Well it finally came...

It came in a huge box with lots of air thingies so it wouldn't get smashed. It even came with instructions lol! I'm wearing secret periwinkle with wireless holo topcoat in this picture. Oh the instructions are kind of funny you can click to enlarge if you want to read it.

Inside is all padded and has elastic to keep it on your head.

This hat is ridiculous. I was afraid it wouldn't fit me since I have a pretty small head but it fit and the hat isn't very tall inside so it kinda pops off your head even with the elastic.

Crazy face shot, oops. Alex was taking pictures and I was laughing pretty hard so it was difficult to find a good shot!

If you own a Wii or a DS/DSI you can register your products at Club Nintendo for points that you can redeem for Nintendo stuff. Japan has such cool rewards and the US club nintendo is pretty lame I think. Oh well, I am a huge Nintendo fan so I don't care. I even like this hat.

I still have an upcoming post on Migi pens and Revlon stuff, hope to get those out next week. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Haha, that's such a cool hat! :D

    Love that polish, looks really cute. :)

  2. That's so neat! I had no idea Nintendo had a club with reward points but now I want a Wii. I still have the original NES somewhere with the first Mario/Duckhunt! Mario is legendary!

  3. That hat is hilarious, I love it!

  4. Kae!! What do you mean? That hat is gorgeous! Muwahaha! You are so much fun and such a good sport! Your hair is beautiful!! Love the polish but I will be honest - I do love your square nails too!!

  5. Solveig, thanks! :)

    Sparkling, hi yeah it's basically 1 point for every dollar spent. Lol I love duckhunt :D

    Gilded, haha thanks :)

    Danielle, oh don't get me wrong I love the hat! Thanks I usually wear it super straight and sleek, I think I like it curly.

  6. The hat is so cute!Rachel likes it~ @v@
    hahaha... and yea, i like square nails and i think square suits you than oval or round..
    Love the polish as well~ i'm kinda going blue lately on nails, hehe..
    Thanks for sharing the cool hat!^^

  7. I love love love that hat! There is a new Mario game I'm lemming for my DS :) And the polish is great too! It's a pretty color with your skin tone!

  8. Love it! My bf got the hat a few days ago and I've been wearing it around. Hehehe.

  9. Oh wow! Your hair is SO pretty!! The hat is pretty cool too.

  10. fun hat. I like the nail shape you had on previously

  11. I like that blue color, it's very soft and it looks even better with the holo top coat.
    Funny hat :) You've got beautiful hair!

  12. This colour is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the Club Nintendo info I didn't know you could redeem stuff. Oh by the way your hair is super shiny and healthy. Mine is so dry at the moment. Very envious....hehe

  13. Aren't you just adorable in that crazy hat! Love that nail polish. Looks gorgeous on you. What shape are you going to do your nails in?

  14. i loveee this colour
    it looks so much better on ur nails than mine
    and that hat is just adorable

  15. Rachel: Haha thanks! Me too, I'll be glad to go back to square. I've been getting more blues and greens myself! :)

    Judy: lol thanks! Is the new mario ds game out yet? I know I want the new Wii one it looks awesome.

    Gaby: thank you :)

    Katie: hah, it's a silly hat isn't it? :D

    Valerie: Oh thank you, I just dyed it with a new dye that actually did what it claimed: be very moisturizing!

    Revampy: Thanks, me too I like the square better!

    Chocaddict: Thank you, yes I love this holo TC it makes a new look for anything! Thank you again :)

    Jin: Thank you! my hair was dry too just a little while ago, I used a drugstore hair dye and it was so dry after. I got a salon dye this time and it's all shiny again :)

    Lucy: Thank you :) I'm back to square one! :D

    Skye: Thanks, oh and hush you it looks great on you! :)

  16. I love the colour! It's a gorgeous shade of blue.
    It's funny because your camera won't pick up purple but my camera won't pick up blue! It makes blue purple! -.-

  17. Now I think I need that polish, it looks fab! :)

    "Please be aware that this item is not designed to function as a hat for practical use." LMAO! That instruction manual is almost funnier than the hat itself. :D

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