OPI DS Fantasy

1 coat of DS Fantasy with no topcoat. I love the dark azure with holo sprinkles, perfect. Have a good day!


  1. Just beautiful on you! The coverage and application on the DS polishes are so nice.

  2. Is there a polish in the world that doesn't look incredibly beautiful on you??

  3. I agree with Kirsten..... Seriously beautiful Kae, your nails look like they have grown overnight as well. So long and gorgeous xx

  4. Hi Mary, thank you and yes I looooove DS polishes!

    Kirsten, of course! I think oranges look weird on me! :)

    Danielle, thanks how funny I chopped them off today and made a huge error during the cutting process so I have some squoval nails. I like mine straight and square so hope they grow fast lol

  5. That is a gorgeous colour! Love it. I have an OPI DS that I haven't tried yet. Digging it out now!

  6. Wow! This is too ironic, I just ordered Fantasy today from Transdesign. It's fantastic looking! It looks great on your nails.

  7. That polish looks amazing, I am such a sucker for dark blue!

  8. Love this color! I just did a marble with DS polishes & one of the colors I used was Fantasy - and now my current mani is another DS from my unworn pile LOL.

  9. That looks beautiful on you Kae! I have this one too but it's still in the untrieds pile. I'll have to pull this out right now and put it on. So pretty! :D

  10. I love these OPI DS polishes. I haven't bought any yet, so I guess I'd better get 1 or 2 pretty soon! Your nails are absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Aaah ^^ a navy blue holo... fantastic!

  12. Glittermillie, yeah I love DS polishes I hope to own them all someday!

    Velvet, oooh how funny! It will look great on you :)

    Gildedangel, me too lately! I can't get enough :)

    Colette, your marbling is so awesome I think you do such a great job with it. The holo marbling is so special too!

    Wan, thanks I know this will look stunning on you!

    TPBG, thank you :) I only own a few DS's myself I can't wait to get more!

    Amusedpolish, Thank you :)

    Amarena, Thanks :)

    Chocaddict, thanks! :D

  13. this is so pretty,it reminds me of space or the milky way lol

  14. Waa! I'm getting cross-eyed from all it's beauty!! I can't believe that's only 1 coat. I am soo running out to buy this! HEHE

  15. Thank God I have this! I had to check my book to see if I had it. Looks gorgeous on you. It's so amazing to look at. This is a stare at your nails all day polish.

  16. It is soooo beautiful! Both the colour and your nails hehe. Sigh I have been looking all over for this colour but all the shops I went to do not carry it. Very sad. Will need to source this online as well.

  17. Skye,
    lol yeah it made me think of night sky! :D

    I would have to support this lol, I hope you find it soon! Thank you :)

    DS polishes are fantastic, this one no exception!

    Gosh I can only imagine how big your book is lol. I kind of envision something that resembles an overstuffed wallet, like George's wallet from Seinfeld! Thank you :D

    Thank you so much! Oh darn I hope you can find this somewhere soon. You always have a pretty good shot online :D

    Thank you for the tag, I will check it out! :)

  18. ............omg. why does your fantasy polish look so different from mine?! 0_o shit. OPI must have given me a dupe cause my fantasy had ZERO holo and very fine glitter that can only be seen under light. I was really disappointed
    compare my swatch with yours:
    They look so different! OPI was really evil to send me that lousy bottle! grrrrrr! :(


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