Lippmann Funky Chunky

This is why I don't get fashion sometimes. I consider myself pretty open-minded and am willing to try anything once. Since I've seen plenty of pictures with 3 neatly done coats before I decided to try Funky Chunky all messed up. I did a super streaky first coat leaving bare nail in some places, but sadly it mostly got covered up the second coat and just tried to be sloppy in general. Then I rolled my fingers on them while they were still tacky like I was getting booked into jail, it made the shiny finish all dull and fingerprinty!

So I really hated that look and put a coat of SV over it, which made it shiny again but you could barely see fingerprint anymore. So I took my cuticle pusher tool and rolled it over my nails and gave them... what does this look like, skid marks? Oh wait, AWFUL.

I could have tried other ways to be more fashionable with the messy mani but uh, I like my nails pretty and tidy. On my right hand I tried 3 normal coats and I just can't wrap my head around the idea of this polish.

2 outta 3 ain't bad, indeed.


  1. 0oo0 this looks interesting i like the little dots

  2. Lol Skye you are just too generous ;p

  3. Is this the shade with hexagonal chunks in it? Don't worry, almost all of the reviews I've read have commented on this same issue... Maybe it's a social experiment? *lol*

  4. That is interesting, isn't it! Creative art? I agree with Saila, I think it was a social experiment!

  5. Oh Kae, you make me laugh, especially the skid mark comment. I agree with the social experiment too! Do do do do (Twilight Zone style) xx

  6. ohh...i like the little dots...ur nails are pretty...btw.. thanks for ur comment about my toxic kitty... heheheheh!! & congratz on winning sasse konad kontest!! hoooraaayyy!! ur sweety black cat inspired me to use my HK plates again.. hehehehe

  7. Eh, I'm just kind of turned off by Lippman anyway. I don't think it's your error. Actually, I think it turned out better than you think.

  8. I like the dots; but I am not a big messy mani person either lol.

  9. Love the attempts at the "deconstructed" nail! I'm with you, though - no thanks!

  10. I am curious to see how this would look with one coat layered over silver. Could you please edit your post and put random words in all capital letters? I think that would make the polish look better. ;)

  11. Lol...Kae you're too much! You've gave me such a chuckle. I know what you mean. I like nice and tidy nails too. Your mani doesn't look that awful though. I'm sure far away,no one could really see.

  12. Love your manicures.

    In case you missed it - I tagged you for “7 Choses” Tag. :)

  13. Kae, I think you're being way harsh. I think it looks great!

  14. I really want to try one coat of funky chunky over a normal black with no topcoat-just enough to get a few obvious sequins without the streaky sheer mess.

  15. Saila,
    Yah it's that one! lol maybe huh!

    If I'd only known earlier I could've skipped this one argh!

    Lol! Oh I haven't seen twilight zone in many many years.

    Aw thank you. You are welcome! I loved the evil kitties!

    Aww well thank you so much :)

    thanks, haha yeah I think there's only 1 person on the planet that likes a messy mani..

    Haha yeah, I had to take it off the next day, it felt dirty!

    Hmm that might be interesting over silver. Lol that is too funny, why didn't I think to do that!

    Lol no, it did look bad even from far away. :D Like I had painted my nails and jumped straight into bed withhout a fast dry tc!

    Thank you! And thank you so much for tagging me! :)

    Aw thank you that's so sweet of you :)

    Something about the randomness of the black on black hex glitter is so disorganized. That's a good idea tho over black so you get as little random glitter as possible! :)

  16. I guess I'm not fashion forward. I just didn't like the look of lumpy black nails. I tried this once and not even a full manicure. I don't know if it's supposed to be worn with one coat or two. If you wear two coats it's opaque and looks lumpy. One coat and it's streaky. I guess it's supposed to be the first look. I like your second look. You tried your best!


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