Jane Hot Blooded

Indoors, 3 coats with Seche Vite. Blood red? Jelly? Sign me up! It is way more bloody and intense in person (so gruesome, can I even say this?), the name suits the color for sure!

Am I the only one that has several bottles of SV in its varying stages of demise? I sure do love using a fresh bottle! I need to invest in some Seche Restore.


  1. i love this colour it reminds me of blood from a vampire or something,perfect colour for haloween.

    lol at the SV u must get that Seche Restore

  2. Now this is what I call blood red shade! Awesome!

  3. Awesoem color!
    I havn't seen Jane in YEARS!
    where on earth did u find this!
    And yes, I too have multiple Seche bottles in various states of demise!

  4. I love that bloody red! It will be perfect for Halloween, right? lol!

    I also have 2 or 3 bottles of Seche Vite like this as well. I've never heard of Seche restore, but I'm sure I need it!

  5. Oh wow! This is an amazing red. Thanks so much for showing this!

  6. wow!!!!!Very beautiful red! I don't believe my eyes! It's a perfect red.

  7. That color is awesome! I love it!

  8. Haha bloody nails, i love this polish =)

  9. Kae that is funny! I didn't know anyone whose done this. Now several more confessions to open bottles. You all have to buy Seche Restore. Nothing else will work. Once I started thinning it out I swear I had to do it every week. That's a beautiful bloody nail color! The perfect shade for a vampire. Love it. I've never heard of this brand of polish. Your nails look gorgeous. My Mother told me that when she was young she used to paint her nails red. Her Father hated it and said she looked like she dipped her hands in blood. I always think of that when I see this shade of red.

  10. What a colour! Looks amazing on your nails!<3

  11. Hmm...I always just use regular nail polish thinner for my SV. Seems to work fine. I'm not big on red polish...but I'm diggin' the "bloody" look. I think I'll try it soon :D.

  12. Oooo...VERY nice. Where DO you find this polish?

    I have three bottles of SV as well, and rotate them as I thin them. I noticed a big difference between using SV Restore and the basic thinner from Sally. Worth the money for Restore, because nothing is quite like SV.

  13. This is the PERFECT blood red! It looks stunning on you as well :) I also have several bottles on SV on the go.Since my new bottle arrived last week,I haven't touched the older ones even though I've thinned them out.Oops.

  14. Wow! It looks so bloody and cool! Perfect for Halloween! And I should go get some of those Sech Vite Top Coats!! I heard great reviews on them ^^

  15. Ohhh my god.

    Thanks a LOT you just gave me another lemming -___-.

    The Beauty Secrets thinner at Sally's is composed of methyl ketone and ethyl acetate, while the 2 top ingredients in Seche Vite are butyl acetate and toluene. Two top ingredients in Poshe top coat are ethyl, butyl and cellulose acetates. I can't find any information anywhere on what's in Seche Restore... but I'm pretty sure it's another set of chemically similar, low molecular weight, volatile solvents. I'm just not really sold that it's anything that special :P I'm sure using the generic polish thinner in moderation will work fine - I tend to over do it just because I like my polishes thin.

  16. I'd poor that nearly empty one into the half-filled one for sure. I can't help but do that with my clear topcoats, shampoo bottles and conditioners, etc. My mom used to put our cereals together when one got nearly empty; I think I get that from her. :D

  17. That's a pretty color! I only have one bottle of Seche Vite top coat lol because I have the big bottle of it and restore, so that's all I do

  18. Skye,
    Thanks! haha yeah if I need some blood for another halloween mani I will use this for sure.

    Thanks, I love it!

    Thanks, oh you haven't? I think I see their makeup at walgreens and stuff, but I never looked for their polish do they not sell it anymore? I admit I bought it about 10 years ago it was an impulse buy at a drugstore.

    Thanks, I know perfect right!

    Haha you too huh? I combined my 2 thick ones together and used beauty secrets t hinner on it, it's ok so far!

    Mighty Lampchop,
    Thank you :)

    Juicy Nails,
    Thanks! My favorite :D

    Thank you :D

    lol thanks :)

    Oh really? I want to try some but I have to wait til my next etailer order since I can buy local. I think its a cheapo drugstore brand, I know I've seen at walgreens, I'm not sure tho if they sell sell np tho!

    I always love your stories! :)

    Thank you! :D

    Yeah mine seems ok so far! I love reds so much, you should def. give it a shot!

    Thanks! I bought this about 10 years ago at a drugstore, Jane is still available last I saw but I never noticed any nail polish. I do believe this shade is (or was?) a core color.

    I put my 2 older ones together and it's working out well so far. :D

    I totally agree lol. I also have a red essie jelly and it's not even close to this. Yeah I got a new bottle and I use my older ones on my toes lol :D

    Thanks! Yah I need to do a bloody halloween mani with it lol. Oh yes, Seche Vite is so worth it.

    well anything I can do so you can expand your stash! :D

    Yeah I used the beauty secrets thinner already on my 2 older SVs (put them together actually) and it works fine so far. I would still like to give Restore a shot tho! Thank you for the ingredients info, I would have never checked (^-^;)

    Hah yeah I ended up doing that, and thinned it, works just fine!

    Nail Fanatic,
    Thanks! Oooh that's a good idea, how do you transfer from the big bottle to small? Does it come with a funnel or something? :)

  19. gorgeous! Perfect red.

    I'm also strugling with my SV top coat. I have 1/3 of it in but it doesn't want to come out:(

  20. now that's a stunning color, and your nails, God your nails are beautiful...mine keep breaking and splitting, must be because of the chalk at work :(

  21. Amarena,
    Thanks! Yeah once your SV gets half full it's a struggle unless you thin it =x

    Aww thank you so much you're so sweet! Sorry about your breaks and splitting, maybe some more moisture for your nails might help!

  22. I too have tons of half empty seche, I have poured some of the bottles like that into one bottle of seche and it seemed to work ok for me.

  23. Oh my gosh I used to wear that so much in high school! ~memories~

  24. Wow - that is one sexy vampire red!

    @RFC Dug my box out and Seche Restore ingredients are: Butyl Acetate, Toluene, Isopropyl Acetate.

    MUA NB widsom seems to be that it's the toluene in Seche Restore that does the job for SV. I've only ever thinned my SV with SR..


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