Hard Candy Mr. Wrong

Indoors, 3 coats with Seche Vite. Mr. Wrong is so shiny! It is a dusty purple with a great golden shimmer. It makes your nails look metallic.

I had to try the ring on, it's cute! It was too big for my other fingers.

Here is a flash picture, it shows the purple color a little better. This color is in my giveaway, in case you haven't seen it swatched yet. Don't worry this is my own bottle :)


  1. The ring is so cute! and i love the color..
    i haven really had a metalic nail polish before, hope it will be mine soon~ hea hea hea..

  2. 0o0o so pretty almost looks like a foil.. i love the ring very cute

  3. Ooooo! That is a pretty color!

  4. Ah so gorgeous and multi dimensional!

  5. I want!! The nearest Walmart for me is like 25 miles away -_-

  6. Oh Kae, don´t do this to me! I want this so bad, but have no way to get it...Your pictures always tempt me :)

  7. This color is a lot prettier than I thought it would be out of the bottle. I really like it!

  8. I love this color! so cool :-) thanks for posting it!

  9. That is a different colour! I really like it! Especially on your nails! Gorgeous, thanks for swatching!! I have a favour to ask you too Kae, what do you use to patch nails? I have a hairline fracture on the nailbed I need to take care of asap :) I've chopped down my nails but need to rescue my index finger ;) Thanks Kae!! xx

  10. Very pretty Kae. I like this shade. I've never bought Hard Candy when it was first out. I never go to Walmart so I won't be getting any. I think I have enough glitters from China Glaze.

  11. The ring complements the nail color really well. The flash version is prettier...:P

  12. Rachel,
    Thank you, I would wear the ring if it was smaller lol.

    Thanks! I could not stop staring at the shinyness myself lol.

    Thanks! :D

    Thank you! :)

    Nail Fanatic,
    Oh boo, maybe you'll have to go there for another reason soon, yeah! :D

    I'm sorry! Maybe you can do a swap with someone? :)

    Yeah I was wondering to myself the same thing, til I put it on! Changed my mind lol :)

    Me too! Glad you like it :)

    Thank you :) I sent you another email since I'm up now lol

  13. Lucy,
    I'm dying to see your stash lol! But yeah your chg glitters outta keep you busy until 2010!

    Lisa J.,
    Thanks, I like t he ring too! I've been using flash more lately I always stuck with the OTT light.

  14. I said this in response to your comment on my blog but it has to be said on your blog! This color looks great on you! Great swatches Kae!!!

  15. Kae: that is a great idea! :) thank you

  16. Judy,
    Thanks! I think all yours looked great on you too :)


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