Sinful Colors Social Ladder

Sinful Colors Social Ladder. Very pale sheer white with a hint of pink in there. I had to wear 4 coats and still VNL. I liked the very pretty flecks in it so much that I didn't care it was sheer!

This dark picture shows the flecks better for some reason!

I am trying my best to not change my polish daily and today is day 3. In case you were wondering I'm wearing OPI Russian Ruby with a black butterfly stamp on it. I loooove Russian Ruby so much! Have a great day!


  1. This is a really pretty polish! I would buy it if it wasn't so sheer.

  2. I love the flecks in this one! it seems like a good layering polish as well.

  3. pretty.. i have a polish close to this.. hahahha..but its not branded its just a local brand here in UAE...

  4. nice classic colour, even with vnl it's still elegant :)

  5. this is sooo elegant a very ladylike colour and i think its gorjuz sheer gives that natural kind of affect i love it

  6. I love this elegant color! It looks great on you!

  7. that color is so me!!! hahah i love it soooo much Kae!!! beautiful! :D

  8. Oooh, even with VNL it still looks lovely on you! It is very elegant.

  9. Love the name of this brand of polish! This shade is gorgeous, even with VNL!! I can totally understand why you don't want to remove polish daily but I am disappointed when you don't post daily! Love getting my lemming fix from you xx

  10. I love these kind of colors! So gorgeous!

  11. Why wouldn't you want to change your polish daily? Are you running low on lacquer? ;)

    I don't wear sheers often, but this is a lovely example of a beautiful one. Gorgeous sparkle.

  12. Gildedangel,
    Thanks! A lot of SC polishes are sheer but with the low price and nice color I will deal with it :D

    Me too! yeah bet it looks interesting over black.

    Oh neat, do you havea ny other shades from that unamed brand?

    it's very girly! worth it even with vnl :)

    Thank you :) I totally agree!

    Thank you! :D

    Walgreens sells these for $2 a pop! They have a lot of cool colors.

    Thank you! :)

    Haha yeah me too! I love this color :D
    Well once I grow my break out, or my repair breaks and I file them down I will be back to daily updates.

    Hah, yeah I normally don't buy this type so I don't know what came over me but it paid off :D

    I have a broken nail I glued back on and my acetone remover takes it away bit by bit so I'm trying to take it easy while I grow it out (I hope!)
    I have uneven nailbeds so I don't wear sheer things much either, but yah this one really grew on me!

  13. You may well just have the most beautiful fingernails I've ever seen! What is your secret?!

  14. This shade looks great on you, but it's not really my cup of tea. :) And again, your nails look AWESOME!!!

    P.S.: I tagged you, because you're awesome! :))

  15. Hi rachel! I treat my nails badly, just last night i was prying open some cookies with them lol.

    nihrida - hi, thank you! Thanks for the tag i guess i need to think about some stuff for me :)

  16. This is a pretty and sweet shade on you. I'm not much for sheers. I do have them but I don't wear them often.

  17. hi lucy, yeah i was hping for a creme lol but sinfuls are always sooo sheer! I should have known :D


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