My Pretty Pink Box - One Year Later

Okay, here is my history with MPPB. I first found out about it last fall, and the first month it was sold out by the time I heard about it. Next month I checked at noon (it starts selling at 7 AM pacific) and it was sold out. NEXT month I'm up at 7:45 AM and IT SOLD OUT! Now I think it skipped a month during the holidays so the next time it's available I fell asleep around 6 AM. So now we are around March or something, I gave up. I occasionally checked back but never kept up on the date it goes for sale. I noticed some blogs mentioning it for this month so I thought why not? It was on sale! Yayyyyyyy!

Sorry for the long story but it took me an entire year before I could get my hands on one of these so yeah I'm pretty excited!

What I got:
  • A full-size Totally Texty Conditioner
  • Revlon Fantasy Lengths in Flirty
  • Kiss Everlasting French glue-on nails in short (short! *dies)
  • Sample pot of eyeshadow from Orglamix in watermelon
  • Sample of Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub from Mineralicious
  • Sample pigment from Paint Fx in Malignity Rouge
  • Sample scent called mark. Sophistique I think?
I saw some other boxes that had the black french tip pen, I was hoping for that one but oh well I am so happy to have finally gotten my box lol. I have no idea how to wear eyeshadow so I guess I will franken with those. I will try the lashes soon tho! The conditioner, maaan. It says it's for teens or 'tweens' and it has a deoderant for stinky teenage scalps. Uuuh. I will still try it! :D

My Pretty Pink Box the September box is still on sale!

I have another post coming today with the rest of the Color Club Wonderland glitters!


  1. Oh this is pretty cool, I've never heard of it before! From what I can see those eyelashes are going to look cute on :D

  2. Yay for finally getting your pretty pink box!

    hehe yay for another beauty blogger gamer too ^^

  3. I'm so glad you posted what you got! I always miss the box also, but it's going slow this month for some reason. I checked yesterday and they still had some boxes. That's too bad you got the nails in short, mine were short too but my nails are short anyways. You could always give them a nail challenged friend!

  4. I don't know about this. Is it very expensive? Interesting products. I guess you take a chance on what you get.

  5. Violet,
    I guess the exciting part is you don't know what you'll get that month lol. I can't wait to try the lashes!

    I was so excited you don't even know haha. I still have my woodgrain atari 2600, i dunno why but i can't part with it.

    haha yeah I coudln't believe my eyes when I saw still for sale! :)

    It varies per month I think, depends on whats inside I'm not sure. But its like $10-14 or something.

  6. Kae your blog is one of my favorites!!! It's so much fun to browse :D

  7. Hi Steph! thanks you are such a sweetie :)


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