My funny dog

Jasmine (the red and white one) does the funniest howl when she first wakes up! Alex put our camera in the bathroom and caught her on tape lol. You might need to turn the sound up a little to hear her.

When I woke up today she was already awake but she came over to me and did her funny trumpet! She is so hilarious :D

This is 3 coats of China Glaze White Out, I used this as my base for my next Halloween nail art!

My entry for Sasse's Stamping Stampede contest. It's a witch flying on her broom and black cats! There's a red dot on the witches shoulder, it was supposed to be a necklace with a jewel on it, but it just looks like a sniper is painting her with their laser scope lol... maybe she's a wanted witch!


  1. I love your dogs, too cute! That is a fantastic mani, you're so talented :)

  2. You dogs are so cute! I LOVE that mani! You are so freaking talented!

  3. Mary,
    They are the best! Thank you, I like to draw stuff on my nails it is so fun :)

    I love them to bits, thank you it was fun!

  4. Love the Haloween nail art! The puppy is just singing a goodmorning song for you, how sweet!

  5. That is adorable! I love the howl. Your manicure is adorable.

  6. LOL You can tell they just got up, all stretching...haha so cute ♥

  7. LOL your dog is so funny:D

    And your halloween art is gorgeous an your nail also:)

  8. Awww!! Your doggies are super super super cute!!! I wish I had my dog here with me, she is in Japan and I miss her terribly...Thank you for sharing the video!!

    I love your nail art so much!! Ahaha!! Your comment about witch's necklace was so funny:)

  9. Cute dogies, is this their way asking for food? Lol Awesome halloween art!

  10. I love the kitties!

  11. Your nails are great! I love the black cats!! You just floor me with your talent. I envy it!

  12. Aww your dogs are adorable! My dog does that when she yawns too it's too funny!

    I love the nail art, very artistic and talented!

  13. lovely dogs and cats post :-)
    your mani is so magical and beautiful! love those cats with big eyes and the tiny witch :-)

    Jasmine is making such a funny noise LOL I know some people making that kind of noise when streching up after they got up...

  14. Evil Angel,
    Thank you! Haha she is a crack up :D

    The other one does a really cute high pitched howl too, maybe we will catch that on tape soon!

    hah yeah they stretch forever it seems like!

    lol thanks! It was fun to draw those on my nails :)

    Aww I'm sure she misses you too! Thank you, haha I didn't think anyone would see the red dot but I threw it in there anyway :)

    I'm not sure what it is but I don't think it's for food. Maybe a loud 'good morning!' :) Thank you!

    Thank you :)

    Mighty Lampchop,
    Thank you so much :)

    Nail Fanatic,
    Lol isn't it so cute when they do that?!

    Thank you :)

    Lol I was going to draw all witches and have the black cat sitting on her broom but it was too small to work with!

    She is funny with all her noises :)

  15. I agree, Jasmine is really funny.

    I love the Halloween art. The cats are so cute and the witch is really creative. Great Job !

  16. They're so cute and funny !

    I hope you'll win the contest with such a mani ! ♥

  17. Your dogs are so gorgeous and that noise Jasmine makes is SO cute!
    The mani is also gorgeous! What a great idea. I have no idea how you draw so well on your nails!!Good luck with the contest!

  18. Those are so cute ;D Love those little dogs :)

  19. I played the video to one of my dogs and she got all hyped up and is now running frantically around the house barking at the other dog!

    Love the nails, you are one talented chickie!

  20. My Corgis would make noises like that too! You have Super Adorable dogs.

  21. I love your free hand work! The kitties are too cute.

  22. I have a wiener dog and he makes a similar noise if he's bored, basically he yawns really loud and kinda makes this high pitched "EEEEEEOOOORRRRWWW" noise. Stupid dogs, always wanting entertainment. I love your bunny butt doggies.


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