MAC Nail Trend

Well my poor MACs they've been on the back burner so here they are. I am wearing 3 coats of each color with Seche Vite, they were as glossy without topcoat though!

Beyond Jealous is the one I've been wanting most! My pictures really show the blue in this polish. It is a little more green than this.

Dry Martini. Now what a cool color, it's a dirty olive green. I don't know how else to describe it.

Rich, Dark, Delicious. My light is making a lighter brown but normally it's a more rich brown. It does have a very subtle silver shimmer, which I loved as I was putting it on, but it pretty much poofed after the third coat lol.

I think with MAC polishes it's either you love it or hate it, and I would say I fall into the love category. The brushes aren't the greatest, but it's not that bad, the creme formula on these were pretty decent. I like the 3 colors I got very much. I didn't pick up the whole collection because the other 3 shades just didn't call to me for whatever reason.


  1. I have only one MAC polish (Boom) and it is worth it :) But I don ´t like the new colors much.

  2. Oh I love the blue tint!! So pretty...and ur right...they're all so glossy :D

  3. ohh these are soo nice ive never tryed a mac polish,i love creamy formulas..very nice

  4. Rich. Dark. Delicious. is my favourite from the swatches. Fantastic fall colours - would love to get these on my nails but MAC is horrendously expensive here in OZ, around the $45 dollar a bottle category. Glad that I've been able to look - unfortunately won't be able to touch LOL!!

  5. allyoudesire,
    ooh I haven't seen that one :)

    thanks! :D

    i like cremes too, i hope you get to try one soon! :)

    it is different shade, i liked it a lot!

    oh man that sounds pricy, i don't own any RBLs lol cause of the pricetag too =x

  6. Ohhh thank you for the lovely swatches! I was debating over them this weekend but I need to save up for that upcoming Chanel mint green. XD

  7. Your nails are gorgeous! I love every color.

  8. wow!!kae ur nails are all FAB.. i love all the colors.. specially the dry martini.. i always try to franken a similiar color to that but i always failed...wooooo.. i love cream polish so much...anyways.. stay pretty! have a great day girl!!

  9. I bought the two greens and the purple (For Fun). I have Konad plans for Beyond Jealous once I am done stamping Coraline on my nails for awhile. :)

    You model each of them well. I love the finished result with MAC polishes. They take a bit more care and concentration to apply than salon brands but it's worth it for the fashion colors.

  10. Beautiful colors ! I haven't tried Mac's polishes yet, because I heard some cold reviews about them, but I think maybe it is time for me to try them myself :-)

    And I know I've already told you this, but your nails and your pictures are gorgeous !!

  11. Beautiful shades ! Your wear them to perfection ^^

  12. Kalmo,
    Ooh mint green? Chanel? Sounds like you have a good reason to be saving haha :D

    Tina Marie,
    Thank you! :D

    I do like dry martini too, I want to franken more but I just haven't gotten around to buying bottles. How terrible am I?
    Thank you :)

    Ooh can't wait to see the konad! Thanks, I personally don't mind the extra work (if needed) but I agree totally worth it!

    Yeah I see lots of bad reviews. If you love the color though I think it's worth it. these 3 I tried had no problems.
    Thank you so much for your nice comment :)

    thank you! :)

  13. I really want the Dry Martini. I love that color. Your nails look amazing in all three colors. I really love all the colors. You have such beautiful nails and hands. I hope these aren't limited edition colors. Do you know if they are?

  14. i love beyond jealous on you! looks great :)


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