MAC Baby Goth Girl

MAC Baby Goth Girl outdoors, 2 coats with Seche Vite. Blackened purple shimmer with flakies. I got some good shots this time of the shimmer, it is purple, red and pink.

Here is a good indoors shot that accurately depicts this shade 99% of the time.

Look at that shimmer! Application was a little difficult with the chunky flakes (and I think I got a funky brush, it's cut slanted), but a second coat fixed it all. That aside, this is a great color, I really like the finish on this one. I passed on Seriously Hip, now I'm doubting that decision! Should I go back? lol

P.S. I bought two bottles of these so will be giving one away soon!


  1. Wow this is a super pretty color, very nice for fall. You should go back and get Seriously Hip lol bloggers are such enablers! I have a Nordstrom gift card and I want to get some MAC polishes too.

    I gave you an award on my blog. :)

  2. 0o0o0oo0 kae sorry i havent been commenting ive just been a bit busy lately ur nails are looking gorjuz as usual and i love the mac polishes i really must try them out but the mac store is agesss away from me... love it

  3. This is so beautiful! I love purple shimmers.

  4. Hi I just discovered your blog ^_^ and I love it. I also love this color

  5. That is a gorgeous color! I wish that my MAC wasn't sold out of them already!

  6. looks awesome! YES you need to go back to get seriously hip dude, like immmmedddiatelyyy if not sooner :D you will NOT regret it. i am LOVING it! you did get some great shots of this polish!!

  7. I love this shade ♥
    I'm so jealous about your perfect nails, rrr lol

  8. wow!! this is so fab.. i love it..ur nails are so pretty have a great weekend sweety.. btw.. thanks for the comment u send on my pade *xoxo*

  9. This one looks so nice on you, love the shimmer!

  10. Yes you should go back so you'll have one of each. I look forward to the possibility of a give-a-way. :-) That purple shade is soooo pretty on you.

  11. seriously hi is a dupe for wagon trail.
    Your pics make me want to wear BGG, it is such a beauty!

  12. This is gorgeous! I was wondering what that looked like. I'd love to see the other. You can go back and get the other since I'd like to see that also. I can enable to can't I! Your nails look gorgeous. Love the shimmer of this. I also saw some eyeshadow that looked pretty also. I have to check it out.

  13. I have a confession: it's the first mac polish that I WANT. it's so cool!

  14. Thanks for swatching this! It looks fantastic on you :) This is the only one I ordered because I figured that Seriously Hip was a dupe of Wagon Trail or Dark Knight.

  15. Kalmo,
    Thank you so much for the award! Oooh Nordstroms card you say? Oh the shopping possibilities lol :D

    Hi! That's ok you are super busy with school I hope you are doing great! Thank you :) Well I'm gonna give one away so maybe you will win!

    Thanks! I must admit it is very dark in person and barely visable shimmer.

    Nail Fanatic,
    Hi there, thank you! :D

    Wow yours sold out already, wonder if I'm too late to get seriously hip at my counter lol..

    haha I know right? I'm gonna regret it and it'll be soldout! :)

    Me too, mmm purples! lol don't be jealous they are thin and brittle =x

    Thank you! I love leaving comments too :D

    Thank you, me too I love it. It's too bad you can't see it most of the time.

    Hah maybe I will! I don't have anything else to giveaway at the moment so that's why I'm waiting but I dunno what else to get.

    Yeah I read that except I don't own Wagon Trail either... well if I go back and it's sold out I will just have to settle for WT :D

    Haha yes, you enabler! I love the shimmer too, it's just most of the time it looks black like so many polishes like this out there.

    Maybe you can win it! :D

    Thank you! I am a sucker for purples :D

    Thanks! :)

  16. These two look amazing on you, I have no MAC nail polish at all I might just go and get some after seeing how lovely they are on your nails!

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